Neon Literary Magazine Issue 54Every time I sell a poem or a story it’s nice, but some of those publications are more special than others. The one I get to announce today is one of those ‘special’ ones because it’s something I have wanted for a long time.

I wanted to look and see how long, but I don’t have a paid Duotrope account so I couldn’t access those records. But it’s been long enough that the record of my first submission to them was stored on my Duotrope account. So… that’s something…

Anyway, it may have been as long as 2007? That feels about right to me. That’s when they got on my radar as one of those places I really wanted to be published in someday.

And as of today I have been. Not just one poem, either. This issue — Issue 54 — contains three of my poems:

“True Story”, Neon Magazine, 2022
“Minnows”, Neon Magazine, 2022
“Foreshadowing”, Neon Magazine, 2022

These poems are kind of related — I wrote them all using the same theme during the April Poem-A-Day last year — and I’m super excited that they found a home with Neon!

April Poem-a-day month begins again in just a few days. Who knows? Maybe I’ll write something else I can send their way 🙂

In the meantime, Neon’s digital copies are pay-what-you-want so if you’re curious about the poems you can set your own price to download a copy here:

Neon Issue 54 | Spring 2022

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