When you think of Mrs. Claus, do you imagine a quiet North Pole homebody who finds complete fulfillment in baking cookies, petting reindeer and crafting toys alongside elves? How about a magic-wielding ice goddess, or a tough-as-nails Valkyrie? Or maybe an ancient fae of dubious intentions, or a well-meaning witch? Could Mrs. Claus be a cigar-smoking Latina, or a crash-landed alien? Within these pages Mrs. Claus is a hero, a villain, a mother, a spacefarer, a monster hunter, and more. The only thing she decidedly is not, is a sidekick.

It’s Mrs. Claus’ turn to shine and she is stepping out of Santa’s shadow and into the spotlight in these fourteen spectacular stories that make her the star! Featuring original short stories by Laura VanArendonk Baugh, C.B. Calsing, DJ Tyrer, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Kristen Lee, Randi Perrin, Michael Leonberger, Andrew Wilson, Ross Van Dusen, MLD Curelas, Maren Matthias, Anne Luebke, Jeff Kuykendall, and Hayley Stone.

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“These were definitely not the Hallmark card version of Mrs Claus. These were strong women and very capable in their line of work, which wasn’t cookie baking & sitting in the background.”

Joy Kiili

Amazon Reviewer

“Once again, Rhonda Parrish delivers a fun, eclectic anthology of stories. Mrs. Claus takes many forms in these pages, and it’s interesting to see the different takes. A solid collection with both heart-warming and heart-wrenching stories”

Samantha Sabovic

Author and Reviewer

“An excellent collection of holiday tales that put Mrs.Claus in the spotlight…finally. She’s been an afterthought, a woman in the shadows too long.

These wide range of tales blend myth, magic, and folklore then twist them with a new take on the woman behind the man in red. Most of them showcase that she’s the one in charge or even that there is no “man”, that it was her the entire time.

Paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, horror- there’s a bit of everything in this fantastic collection.

The opening story, “Wight Christmas” really grabbed my attention and set the tone for what to expect and not expect from this collection. Wight features a Valkyrie Mrs Claus that isn’t going to let anyone ruin Christmas. Not on her watch.

There is no little old lady in an apron sitting on the sidelines in this collection. These women are the ones making sure Christmas happens, they control the magic of the season. Witches, faeries, Valkyrie, aliens, and more. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

And even though some of the stories have dark undertones this book has plenty of holiday joy….with a few twists.

If you like your holidays blended with fantastical paranormal and sci-fi elements combined with a touch of dark holiday magic then this book is absolutely perfect for you.”

Roxanne Rhoads


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