Last updated 9/20/21

I have been actively working as an editor since 2007. When my schedule allows I am happy to take on freelance editing jobs. I primarily focus on speculative fiction but am also able to edit general fiction, romance, erotica and some non-fiction.

I am open to new clients, currently scheduling book length projects for January but have a limited number of slots for shorter works before then.

Here’s how that breaks down, what you get and what my associated fees are:


Full Edits

Short Stories (3,500 words or less) — $50

  • You will receive an editing letter that highlights what I see as the things about the story which worked, the things which were less successful and how I think you can improve upon them.
  • You’ll also receive a line-edited copy of your short story.


Longer Short Stories (3,501 – 7,500 words) — $75

  • You will receive an editing letter that highlights what I see as the things about the story which worked, the things which were less successful and how I think you can improve upon them.
  • You’ll also receive a line-edited copy of your short story.


Anything longer (7,501 words or more) — $0.02/word

  • Edits for stories of this length are done in two stages. For the first stage I read the manuscript and provide you with an editing letter that highlights the things about the story which I think worked, as well as those which were less successful and how to best improve upon them. Then you are given time to revise (or not, as you prefer) according to that editing letter and send me the updated manuscript.
  • In stage two I line edit the revised draft.
    • Because different people use different words to mean the same thing, what I mean by a line edit is I that read over the story and use track changes to suggest changes (what to cut, what to keep, how to re-arrange words in the sentence to make it flow better, etc.).
  • Optionally includes an hour long chat on Discord voice chat, or Zoom to discuss your project.



I don’t offer short story critiques as a paid service because I think you’re better off to hire me to do the full edit — a short story critique could be as little as a handful of sentences but I’d still have to charge almost the same price as an edit to make it worth my time.

Critiques of longer works (7,500 words or more) basically amount to the same thing as the editing letter I mention above. It will be a detailed letter detailing what I see as the strengths and weaknesses of the story as well as suggestions for improvement. I may also comment directly on the manuscript file or mark it up using track changes, but I may not.

Up to 25,000 words — $100

25,001 – 75,000 words — $250

Over 75,000 words — Query



To begin, email me at with a description of your project and what sort of feedback you are looking for. If you are looking to receive feedback by a certain date be sure and include that as well.

If it’s a short story attach it in its entirety (in a Word-compatible format) to the email. If it is a longer project include the first chapter.

I will look over the project to be sure it’s the sort of project I can help with and that I can fit it into my schedule to meet your timeline. If it is, and I can, I will slot you into my schedule and we’ll be good to go.



Payment will be via PayPal or e-transfer. For short projects I am happy to invoice when the work is done, however for novellas or longer I will request a deposit in advance.



It is important to note that stories I have edited in a freelance capacity are ineligible to be submitted to any anthology I edit.


Rates are in USD

“Rhonda did an amazing job editing my story for “D is for Dinosaur”. I believe with all my heart that the story is 10x better than it was before she gave me feedback. She suggested ways to improve the tension, while at the same time making it a stronger and more streamlined story. I am excited for the opportunity to work with Rhonda again in the future.”

Jeanne Kramer-Smyth


“Rhonda Parrish is one of the hardest working anthologists in the business today. She was also the creative force behind Niteblade, a true gem of a fiction magazine. More than just a knowledgeable editor, Rhonda’s commitment to writers is akin to community building. Her impact on up and coming (or even experienced) authors is immeasurable.”

Edward October

creator/host , Octoberpod

“Rhonda Parish’s editing shows the writer and the writer’s work the respect it deserves. She is competent, creative, and knows her stuff; she can massage a piece into shape and complete all the necessary line edits, but more importantly — at least to a writer with ambitions to be an artist — she respects the writer’s vision. She is willing to trust what the writer wants to do with a piece. She is adept at negotiating all the writer’s hang-ups and fixations, foibles and fixations, all without diminishing or minimizing a writer’s goals. Like all good editors, she is a technician, a therapist, and a craftsman. My work is better for having had her input.”

Matthew Thomas Meade

Writer, freelancer and music blogger,

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