The apocalypse will come in A is for Apocalypse, but in a many different forms. Within these covers the apocalypse comes with fire, with a sigh, with tears, in technological code, with alien intervention. It comes with survival in a nightmare landscape, it demands human sacrifice, it stalks through the pages with bloodlust. It freezes, it explodes, it howls.

In stories as varied as the trials humanity can endure, this anthology brings together an alphabet of possible world endings. One story for each letter, and twenty-six stories later we have encountered the apocalypse in a myriad of imaginative ways that horrify, alarm, inspire, and spark a wild desire to embrace life. Here there is war, evacuation, insane symphony, drowning, dissolution. Here there is rage, despair, inspiration, and even hope.

Including all-new stories from Pete Aldin, Beth Cato, Marge Simon, Suzanne van Rooyen, Sara Cleto, Gary B. Phillips, BD Wilson, Ennis Drake, C.S. MacCath, Alexis A. Hunter, Damien Angelica Walters, Brittany Warman and more, A is for Apocalypse will fire your imagination as surely as it sparks a keen desire to embrace life.

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“This collection of stories about the apocalypse is a fun and creative read. I liked the sheer diversity of concepts in the 26 included stories.”

Dr. Gonzo

Amazon reviewer

In A is for Apocalypse, the world ends in both fire and ice–and by asteroid, flood, virus, symphony, immortality, the hands of our vampire overlords, and crowdfunding. A stellar group of authors explores over two dozen of the bangs and whispers that might someday take us all out. Often bleak, sometimes hopeful, always thoughtful, if A is for Apocalypse is as prescient as it is entertaining, we’re in for quite a ride.”

Amanda C. Davis

author, The Lair of the Twelve Princesses

“Being a reading-aholic it was nice to have so many shorts that gave me a breaking place instead of a marathon reading through the night.”

WMH Cheryl

Amazon Reviewer

“A great collection of interesting stories. Everyone has their own take on the Apocalypse and what it means for their characters. Absolutely love U is for Umbrella. Since these are all short stories, you’ll never lose interest in this book!”


Amazon Reviewer

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