“Anyone who believes that faeries are wee, golden-haired creatures with dragon-fly wings and sweet intentions has never met a real faerie.”

Suzanne Willis, “A Silver Thread Between Worlds”

Retellings of familiar favourites from new perspectives, and brand new stories share the pages of this fairy-themed collection. Within these offerings you’ll find fairy music and food, contracts (making and breaking them), changelings, circles and curses–these stories deliver all the things you already love about fairies and a few new tricks as well.

A dusting of dragons, shapeshifters and ogres accompany these tales which include feminist fairies overcoming trauma, Norse fairies breaking the rules to interfere in human affairs, intergalactic fairies hitching a ride to a new home, political satire featuring an idiot king and talking animals, a new Robin Archer story, fairy run nightclubs and so, so much more.

Altogether this anthology includes twenty-six brand new tales–one for each letter of the alphabet–from contributors Pete Aldin, Steve Bornstein, Andrew Bourelle, Stephanie A. Cain, Beth Cato, Sara Cleto, Cory Cone, Danielle Davis, Megan Engelhardt, Michael Fosburg, Joseph Halden, Lynn Hardaker, L.S. Johnson, Michael M. Jones, Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, Samantha Kymmell-Harvey, C.S. MacCath, Jonathan C. Parrish, Alexandra Seidel, Michael B. Tager, Rachel M. Thompson, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Brittany Warman, Lilah Wild, Suzanne J. Willis and BD Wilson.

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“E is for Entertaining. This wonderful anthology of fairy stories will surely have something for everyone as all the stories are well written, full of creative twists and turns, yet naturally differ in style and subject matter. In addition to enjoying the book, it was also a pleasure to get to sample writings from so many new-to-me authors”


Goodreads Reviewer

“F Is For Fairy continues Rhonda Parrish’s greatly enjoyable “alphabet anthology” series with 26 stories ranging from flash fiction to almost novella length…. The authors give us a wide variety of types of faeries, from the high fantasy/Tolkeinesque to tiny troublemakers of the Disney variety… I highly recommend this anthology. Notice I’m not sharing story titles: part of the fun of Parrish’s anthologies is figuring out what word the author is centering the story on with the letter they were assigned.”

Anthony R. Cardno

Amazon Reviewer

“As always, editor Rhonda Parrish does an outstanding job. The 26 story headings (one for each letter of the alphabet) served as a fun game (I kept trying to guess what word she would assign to each letter when revealed at the end of the stories). Whether intended or not, the mixture of stories was quite good. Even when a story struck me as okay but not outstanding, I knew the next one or the one after that would catch me unawares with either a surprise ending or a masterful recital of a tale that the author would not allow to become mundane. Extremely entertaining, highly recommended.

Dee Arr

Amazon Reviewer

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