White Noise: Poetry of the Zombie Apocalypse

Watch the end of the world unfold in these twenty zombie-tastic poems by Rhonda Parrish. Experience the grime and the gore of the shambling, undead menace right alongside moments of hope and love.

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“A collection of vivid scenes laid out in sharp and articulate verse, that when assembled, construct a grim narrative filled with tension, stark imagery, and unusual beauty. WHITE NOISE reaches in and evokes a visceral response— not always the one you’d expect.”

Tim Deal

Shroud Magazin

“Overall, Parrish’s poems convey a jaded contemporary disillusionment regarding lasting relationships as well as religious and societal rewards for maintaining traditional values, but amongst the false promises a few comforts remain—baked beans from a can, a kitten purring…Ultimately, Parrish’s book is a compelling look at the zombie apocalypse that leaves the reader with much “to chew on”. Recommended.”

Sandra Lindow

Author, Poet, Reviewer

“In this collection of poems, Rhonda Parrish manages to capture all the emotions of life during an apocalypse: From fear and desperation to pain and sorrow. She even shows us love and hope. Some serious but most tinged with humor. This is a great collection of poems about the zombie apocalypse.”

Carol Hightshoe

Author, Editor

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