Sirens are beautiful, dangerous, and musical, whether they come from the sea or the sky. Greek sirens were described as part-bird, part-woman, and Roman sirens more like mermaids, but both had a voice that could captivate and destroy the strongest man. The pages of this book contain the stories of the Sirens of old, but also allow for modern re-imaginings, plucking the sirens out of their natural elements and placing them at a high school football game, or in wartime London, or even into outer space.

Featuring stories by Kelly Sandoval, Amanda Kespohl, L.S. Johnson, Pat Flewwelling, Gabriel F. Cuellar, Randall G. Arnold, Michael Leonberger, V. F. LeSann, Tamsin Showbrook, Simon Kewin, Cat McDonald, Sandra Wickham, K.T. Ivanrest, Adam L. Bealby, Eliza Chan, and Tabitha Lord, these siren songs will both exemplify and defy your expectations.

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“One of my all-time favorites!”

Victoria McCloskey

Amazon Reviewer

“Poignant, diverse, and enthralling: this new volume in the Magical Menagerie series evokes the majesty of sirens, from the traditional deep sea variety of Greek mythology to those that entice sailors of deep space to ones who scan modern dating sites with wistful hopes for a good match. I could not stop reading.”

Beth Cato


“The moment Rhonda Parrish announces another anthology–especially Magical Menageries installments–I get grabby hands. She always cultivates an amazing selection, and this group of maligned and misunderstood sirens is my favorite of all her books so far, displacing FAE (which I will continue to heartily recommend).

Sirens of all sorts splash and flap between these pages. Good, bad, intelligent, empty-headed, they’re all in here. L. S. Johnson smashes it out of the park again with her story, “We Are Sirens,” about a hive mind of sirens who are slowly gaining their independence. Michael Leonberger writes from the perspective of a human seduced, “Is This Seat Taken,” is disturbing because of its likeable but flawed protagonist. Adam L. Bealby tells the tale of a couple of country bumpkins who fish up something they can’t quite handle, in “The Fisherman’s Catch,” which is grotesque (in a good way) with amazing voice.

Get this anthology. Do it now. You won’t regret it.”

S.L. Saboviec

Author and Goodreads Reviewer

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