What does it mean to break? How many ways can someone become pieces?

B is for Broken takes us deep into the varieties and horrific beauties of brokenness in stories as individual as their authors.In the alphabet tapestry style of A is for Apocalypse, this book unspools tales of beauty and horror on a common theme.

Within these pages is not the end of all the world but the ways in which individuals can break. The fragmenting of memory and self, of life and relationships. All the ways in which one can be broken or break a thing, all explored in wild ways here.

An assembly of authors explain how the aurora can steal a soul, how curses can break a village and what it means to dissolve into nothing more than airy memories. Here there is an android frankensteined together for sex, a shattering of glass, a falling apart on the wings of mythological dreams, distress laid out in tarot and the exquisite isolation of diamond flesh. With works by Brittany Warman, Sara Cleto, Gary B. Phillips, Beth Cato, Cory Cone, Steve Bornstein, Pete Aldin, Lilah Wild and so many more, B is for Broken is the ideal companion to A is for Apocalypse. It fires the imagination and sighs into the heart at the same time.

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“This doesn’t happen very often when I read anthologies, but I enjoyed every single selection in this book.”

Long and Short Reviews

B is for Broken is the second installment in Rhonda Parrish’s alphabet collection. While the theme of the stories is broader in scope than the first book (A is for Apocalypse), they all have a haunting and darkly delicious quality. A satisfying read.

Tabitha Lord

Award-winning speculative fiction writer

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