The ability for people to control (to some extent at least) fire has long been held as one of the major events that contributed to human evolution, but when fire eludes or escapes our control it is also one of the most destructive forces on earth. Associated with passion, power, transformation and purification, fire is a ferocious element with an unquenchable appetite.

Discover the power of Fire and the creatures that thrive on it in these twenty-one stories, including: the true inspiration behind Jim Morrison’s songs; a special weapon used in World War II; the secret in the depths of a mortuary furnace; a fantastical card game; and a necromancer out on what may be his last job.

Featuring: Blake Jessop; Kevin Cockle; Lizbeth Ashton; Dusty Thorne; V.F. LeSann; K.T. Ivanrest; Hal J. Friesen; Laura VanArendonk Baugh; Krista D. Ball; Mara Malins; Claude Lalumière; Susan MacGregor; JB Riley; Damascus Mincemeyer; Heather M. O’Connor; Gabrielle Harbowy; R. W. Hodgson; Chadwick Ginther; Wendy Nikel; Annie Neugebauer; and J.G. Formato. 

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“Loved the collection of stories in this book, all connected by fire. Each is so different from the other, but all grabbed me and carried me off to different places. I didn’t want to put it down till it was done and then wished for more. Definitely a very good book.”


Amazon reviewer

“One might expect that the theme of fire might generate a similarity among the offered tales. However, the diversity of stories (as well as the different writing styles of the 21 authors) kept the book fresh from start to finish…

The book became so engrossing it was almost like reading a thriller. Once I completed one story I was on to the next, and the compilation ended way too soon for me. Fun reading, and worth all five stars.

Dee Arr

Amazon Reviewer

“This is a collection of wonderful stories about fire, demons dragons and djinns. Get drawn into each story and be taken on a wonderful journey through different places.”


Goodreads Reviewer

“Parrish provides a nicely balanced package with something for everyone, a fascinating cross-section that provides a glimpse of where the genre stands in 2018.


Robert Runte

Author, Editor, Reviewer

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