The war is over.

Ricky just wants to lick his wounds and learn what the new normal is going to look like for him, but his brother has gone missing. Now Ricky needs to team up with his wartime friends (and at least one dog he’d hoped never to see again) to find him, figure out what’s going on, and save the world.


And the clock is ticking…


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“This is such a fun book! I loved the little touches, like some dogs being addicted to chocolate. The world building is great. At first I was surprised the dogs lived in buildings and had houses and streets like humans, but that’s all explained.

Ricky’s relationships with Ari and Jasper are so sweet and heartfelt. Ricky is a great character, and the war buddy aspect to his gang was interesting. There’s a certain WWII noir feel to the book that I really enjoyed.

The inclusion of magic was a great idea and seamlessly blended into the world.

I loved the illustrations in the book. They’re really pretty, and it was nice seeing the main characters.

My only negative was that some of the bad guys were German shepherds! Haha.”

Iseult Murphy

Author and Goodreads Reviewer

“This book is an absolute delight. It’s All Dogs Go to Heaven meets some kind of dog version of a post-World-War-I fantasy thriller for adults. It’s got magic and found family and conspiracies and old-timey airplanes and so many awesome dog-gone puns.”

Talena Winters

author, The Undine's Tear

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