Deep, mysterious, beautiful . . . dangerous . . .

Women and the sea have been tied together in myth and story from the beginning of time. Tales of women being drawn to the sea or being left on the shore, waiting for their men’s return, have been passed down through the ages.

But what mysteries lie beneath the sparkling placid waters? What power drives the wind and waves crashing against the shore? There is transformation and exaltation—magic—in the ocean and women alike. And both know that while the sea gives, the sea also takes.

Sink into the icy depths of the ocean with these stories by: E.E. King; Natalie Cannon; Morgan Melhuish; Paul A. Hamilton; Laura VanArendonk Baugh; Sarah Van Goethem; Adria Laycraft; Dino Parenti; B. Zelkovich; Lisa Carreiro; Lea Storry; Nikoline Kaiser; Elin Olausson; Chandra Fisher; Hayley Stone; V.F. LeSann; Catherine MacLeod; and Jennifer R. Donohue.

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“This anthology is a gift, with such a beautiful blend of stories, well placed to create a flow, and simply a delight to read. Each story belongs here, and I can assure you that you would do very, very well to pick up your own copy of this book, crack it open either in paper or e-book format, and simply ENJOY. Saltwater Sorrows indeed. Thank you for putting together this fantastically memorable anthology, Rhonda. We all love the sea, and this leaves us wanting more! Can’t wait for the next one.”

Isabella Hodson

Goodreads Reviewer

“Rhonda Parrish is one of the best anthology editors out there, in my opinion, her eye for choosing stories is enviable. The ones she chose for this anthology all had something sorrowful and tense to offer, some very grief-ladden and others with an understated kind of pain that prickles rather than punches you in the gut.”


Goodreads Reviewer

“One of the biggest reasons why I gave this anthology a full five-star rating was how beautifully different each tale was from one another. Some of them were heavy, difficult, but deeply meaningful reads, while a few were surprisingly light and airy given the dark theme… I’d recommend reading this with an open mind and while making as few assumptions about what might happen next as possible. There were so many gems included here.”

Long and Short Reviews

“A great collection of stories that will make you feel very small. You’ll feel the weight and age of the ocean and the utter wonder of it.”

Cat Bowser

Goodreads Reviewer

“Each story was beautifully done and had everything that I was hoping for. “


Goodreads Reviewer

“The sea is both terrifying and intriguing and all of the stories within Saltwater Sorrows really captured that.”


Goodreads Reveiwer

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