Holy. I should not start this blog post with this, but I’m going to anyway. You would not believe how many tries it took for me to come up with a title for this post. It was truly remarkable, which, is probably why I’m remarking upon it 🙂

I am incredibly excited to share the news that my poem, “Poltergeist” which was originally published in Star*Line magazine last year has been nominated for an Aurora Award.


Check out the company it’s in!

Best Poem/Song

“After the Apocalypse,” Colleen Anderson, NewMyths, Vol 16, issue 61
“Ghost Stories,” James Grotkowski, Polar Starlight Magazine, Issue 6
“In Stock Images of the Future, Everything is White,” Terese Mason Pierre, Uncanny Magazine, Issue Forty-Six
“Poltergeist,” Rhonda Parrish, Star*Line, Vol 45, Issue 2
“Rapunzel in the Desert,” Melissa Yuan-Innes, On Spec Magazine, Issue 122
“a sinkhole invites a street to consider its future,” Dominik Parisien, Uncanny Magazine, Issue Forty-Four
“Three Herons,” Geoffrey W. Cole, Polar Starlight Magazine, Issue 5
“The Wolf of Your Passions,” Lynne Sargent, Augur Magazine, Issue 5.2

(Emphasis mine, obviously LOL)

You can see the entire ballot and learn more about the award here –> https://www.csffa.ca/awards-information/current-ballot/

And, since my poem was one of the ‘Editor’s Choice’ poems for Star*Line when they originally published it, you can actually read it here –> https://www.sfpoetry.com/sl/edchoice/45.2-5.html if you’d like.


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