Dark Waters Cover

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Water doesn’t need to be deep to be dark.

A remote mountain lake where the locals wear iron anklets for protection, a ghost ship, a goddess, a pearl diver who finds much more than she’s looking for, the true story about a familiar fairy tale and more all lurk within these pages.

Featuring dark fantasy and horror by Chris Black, Rob E. Boley, Rose Chisnall, Megan M. Davies-Ostrom, Sharmon Gazaway, Rowena McGowan, Derek Newman-Stille, Thomas Vaughn and Lex Vranick, Dark Waters explores the darker side of water and the creatures that inhabit it. The horrors both above and below.

Proceed with caution.

Table of Contents

Siren Song by Rose Chisnall
The Unethical Treatment of Flying Horses by Sharmon Gazaway
Drowned by Derek Newman-Stille
Jenny by Megan M. Davies-Ostrom
The Body by Lex Vranick
Mankiller by Thomas Vaughn
Her Relentless Current by Rob E. Boley
Prices by Rowena McGowan
The Black Oyster of Wisher’s Bay by Chris Black

Surprise! I’ve been talking about a water anthology for the past several months, but this is not that. While the stories in Water: Selkies, Sirens and Sea Monsters are far from light and fluffy they don’t really delve deep, deep into the dark.

But the stories in this gem of an anthology do!

If you like your fiction dark and your poems a bit twisted, this speedy little read is going to be one you’ll want on your bookshelf.

Electronic copies are available for pre-order, paperbacks will be available at release 🙂


Coming in September — Reserve your copy now!





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