Archvillain Games logoThe contracts have all been signed so it’s official now and I can share the news without worrying I am going to jinx something. I am incredibly excited to announce that I will be working for Archvillain Games writing content for their Drifting Havens world!

In a recent press release Archvillain Games described Drifting Havens as:

It has been hundreds of years since the Age of Cataclysm. The Godslayer is dead and the Valescere is safe once again. As a brutal warning to the remaining Overgods, Sentia took one of the Godslayer’s eyes to power the sun he sought to destroy, while his other eye fell into the ocean and now festers at the bottom of the Boiling Sea.

The mortal races have rebuilt from the ashes of the cataclysm. The Gods have claimed their domains at the Pool of Divinity and now stand vigilant in the face of a fragile Void Seal…

I’m very excited to jump in and get started. I feel a little bit like my favourite parts of gaming and my favourite parts of writing have had a baby and someone is going to pay me to play with it 🙂

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