I regularly share flash fiction and short stories on my Patreon. Mostly by me, but sometimes solicited from other people.

A large number of these are exclusively available to my patrons, but some are also freely available to the public.

Patreon Exclusive:

Puppy Love
Spiderwebs and Starlight book cover
Friction book cover -- a droplet of water splashing
Burn Out Cover
Ride Along book cover
The cover of Starry Night

Also available as a free download to subscribers of my newsletter

Yellow shoes on a yellow background

Solicited (AKA: Not written by me):

Breadcrumbs and Sugar Houses book cover
The Royal Dragon Corps book cover
Of Birds and Blood book cover
Making Bones

Free Stories:

A leafless tree against a scorched sky
Blame it on the Bubble Gum Cover

That image goes to a Patron-locked Patreon page but the story can also be found for free on Kobo and Barnes and Noble and for a minimal price on Amazon.

Bedtime Story Cover
Angry looking snowman on a book cover
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