This week was pretty special when it comes to publication milestones for me.

First, Beth Cato and I have two poems in the most recent issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Two!

That feels so crazy to me.

Almost every writer I speak to has a list of dream publication credits — the places they want to be published by above all others. F&SF topped that list for me. So to have not one but two poems accepted there is surreal in the best possible way.

[Achievement Unlocked]

This week also marks the publication of the first Dungeons and Dragons 5e one shot I have had the pleasure to work on 🙂

Archvillain Games main ‘thing’ is is that they make super cool looking minis and STL files for tabletop gaming (or whatever you use minis for lol). You can get them at various stores which sell those kinds of things but the primary distribution is done through their Patreon.

Each month they release a new batch of minis/file all around a specific theme and they also publish an adventure module to go with them. I worked on the module for Tome of Demons: Volume III.

They have a cool preview here –> where you can check out all the models and from there get an idea of the module.

My favourite minis are the quasits and the ‘Archvillain Society’ NPCs, but they are all pretty cool.

The adventure itself is a one shot aimed at a party of five or six characters who are about level seven. It’s a bit of a race through a mysterious ziggurat deep in a jungle that’s filled with traps and monstrous obstacles.

I am really looking forward to running it with my group and I hope other D&D groups also get to experience and enjoy it as well.

I feel like I learned a lot working on it and it has definitely whetted my appetite to write more of these sorts of things.

But, yeah. That’s two career bucket list items checked off.

Not a bad way to start the new year 😉

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