What do you get when you take the high tech/low life settings of cyberpunk and sprinkle them with the magic and possibilities of fairy tales? Trolls under teleportation bridges, masquerades held in virtual reality, princely avatars, giants and dwarves alongside hackers and androids. From retellings of traditional tales such as Rumpelstiltskin, in which a young woman is tasked with writing code instead of spinning gold, to original tales like the changeling-inspired story of a formless machine intelligence that hijacks human bodies, these cyberpunk fairy tales form a unique collection that is sure to satisfy connoisseurs of both genres.

Original stories from Thomas Badlan, Suzanne Church, Beth Goder, Sarah Van Goethem, Nicola Kapron, V.F. LeSann, Angus McIntyre, Wendy Nikel, Ana Sun, Michael Teasdale, Alena Van Arendonk and Laura VanArendonk Baugh.

Pre-orders for Trenchcoats, Towers and Trolls has begun 🙂

As you probably know, pre-orders are always important, but they are especially important right now. COVID-19 has caused some serious supply chain issues for books. The short version of a long story is that there are fewer people working at every stage of book production and they have access to fewer raw materials to do their work. There’s a pretty good Twitter thread on it here, in case you’re curious and want to read more.

What that means, though, is that pre-orders for books, especially those like this one which are coming out near the winter holidays are extra important right now.

And though the supply chain issues don’t actually impact electronic books in the same way they do physical ones, those pre-orders are still vital because publishers use them to help in all sorts of calculations/plans.

So. What I’m saying is, if you are planning to pick up a copy of Trenchcoats, Towers and Trolls I would really appreciate it if you pre-ordered it today rather than waiting.

And I’m even able to offer some of you a deal on that.

My publisher has created a coupon code that will give free shipping within the US on pre-orders of paperback copies of this anthology.


This coupon is only good for pre-orders placed from the World Weaver Press website (linky linky) until November 1st but will work on all the Punked Up Fairy Tale anthologies.

Sorry fellow people who live outside the US. International shipping is tricksy so there’s no coupon for us — but the anthology is still worth picking up (in my completely biased opinion LOL).

Here are some links for that 🙂

Direct from the publisher





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