Every year since 2011 I connected with Santa Claus via a letter shared it on my blog. Please note that this is not an actual Wishlist that I want my friends to buy me things from, it’s just for fun.

Dear Santa,


I don’t even know where to start. I suppose it must be pretty easy to isolate up there in the North Pole… but on the other hand you and Mrs. Claus are in the high risk category for age and if just one of the elves gets this thing and shares it… Just. Be careful, dude. I don’t want 2020 to take anything more from us this year, especially not you. I feel like one of the things you personify is hope, and we could sure use a bit more of that in the world, amirite?

I’ve been good this year. And by that I mean I’ve been coping pretty well — my apocalpyse is much more comfortable than a lot of other people’s, anyway, so I try not to complain. I’ve also been good in my behaviour. Following public health orders, doing my part where and how I can.

Still… it’s tough to write a wishlist this year.

I’m going to give it a try though.

This year I would like this quilt kit — Shimmering Penguins. I don’t usually ‘do’ quilt kits, but in this case the penguins make me smile and the fabric pack looks great. Even if I don’t follow the pattern (which I probably would) I’d be able to pull something special together out of them.

Also, remember those baseboard transition things I’ve been asking for since 2011? Well… we could still use them. Nine years and counting… I don’t think I knew how very right I was when I said if we didn’t install them right away we never would. Maybe in the summer we’ll be able to shop like normal again and pick some up. It’s not really the sort of thing I want to have delivered and we can’t do curbside pick-up… unless you wanted to lend us your sleigh?

Other than that, I’d really like to see us reach the goal on this year’s Giftmas fundraiser. It’s $1,000, the same as last year. I usually try to raise it every year but this year is tough Santa, and I’m not sure people have as much to give. Even so, though, we’re at $965 already and the fundraiser doesn’t end until tomorrow. So that’s exciting.

I’d also like to see the COVID numbers go down… but I know that one’s up to us not you. I’m doing what I can, and my friends are too.

Thank you, Santa. Stay safe, and Merry Giftmas!




As I mentioned to Santa, our fundraiser has raised:

If you can help with a donation of your own the link is here –> https://www.canadahelps.org/en/pages/2020-giftmas-fundraiser/

Santa isn’t the only one with magic around here, the food bank uses the magic of long-lasting connections and bulk buying to be able to turn every $1 into three meals. So every little bit helps.

On a personal note, I love the big donations, because of course I do, but the smaller ones touch my heart in a special way. I remember one year someone very dear to me who was going through some very tough times financially donated $1. One dollar she really couldn’t afford because every little bit counted for her as much as it counted for the food bank. But she told me she did it as a bit of a present to herself. That giving to others and imagining that she’d provided three full bellies, was actually a gift to herself as well as the food bank. I’ll never forget that.

If you can’t help financially, though, I totally get it. 100%. If you can boost the signal and spread the word, that would also help 🙂

Also, because this is a blog tour there are other people blogging today as well. You should give them a visit!

Kyla Maki blogged about a lot of different changes that have taken place this year and how some of them have impacted how we connect. One of my favourite sections was about how it’s changed how we smile.

And Stephanie A. Cain discussed how even the most introverted people need connections with other people and some of the ways beyond social media she’s found to make and maintain them.

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