…you don’t even want to know how long I over-thought the title for this blog post. Seriously. I was like, “Are the Pirating Pups actually ahead though? Because they came out today. So, like, even though I’m going for a play of ‘Ahoy! Land ahead!’ wouldn’t it be better to just say ‘Ahoy! Pirating Pups are here!’? Because, like, ahoy just means, ‘look you lot?’, right so…”

Anyway. In the end (and it took far too long to get to the end) I’m going with Ahoy! Pirating Pups ahead!

But really the book is already here 🙂

X Marks More Than One Spot

Enter a world of Barking Buccaneers, where piratical dogs sail the seas, seeking one tail-chasing adventure after another. Whether dealing with sea monsters, the doldrums, or bitter betrayal, these dogs have a true nose for adventure and always dig up their buried treasure.

Featuring thirteen daring “tails” of dogs, puns, and fun by: Chadwick Ginther; Jennifer Lee Rossman; Meghan Beaudry; Kristen Brand; Richard Lau; V.F. LeSann; Alice Dryden; Melanie Marttila; Mathew Austin; JB Riley; Frances Pauli; George Jacobs; and E. C. Bell.

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