With this new website comes a slightly new blogging strategy. Mostly, I won’t be doing it here. Mostly I’ll be doing it on Patreon.


I know!

Trust me, this is something I’ve given a lot of thought to because moving the bulk of my blog content over to a platform I don’t completely control is not something to do without really thinking it through. But Patreon has been really good to me and it’s a core part of my plan for the future so I want to put things over there. I want to make sure my patrons have plenty of content (usually they get to know things a few days ahead of everyone else) and, to be honest, I want an excuse to send non-patrons over there as often as possible where they will see the Patreon support tiers out of the corner of their eyes and might be tempted to give it a shot 😉

I will still be mirroring the really important announcements (release dates, calls for submissions, etc.) up over here though. Those will show up on the front page and the sidebar — right about where you see this 🙂

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