Z: Zee End

Well this is it. The end of the challenge. Thank gawd. I really took on too much this month and I will be very happy to see it come to an end. It was fun but… yeah… sanity will be nice too 🙂

The Niteblade fundraiser has been a success. As of the time of my writing this we’ve passed our goal of $500 and are pretty close to achieving the stretch goals I set for the $600 mark. I learned a lot about running a fundraiser (which builds on what I learned last year) and I’m looking forward to putting it into effect in 2014 (#1 lesson being two months is too long LOL).

I started a giveaway back on letter D and the winners are David and Teresa. I will contact you shortly to get the address to send your copy of our poetry issue to. I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

Thank you everyone for coming on this alphabetic journey with me and for your support of Niteblade. You’re awesome.

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