To celebrate and raise awareness of Equus‘ release, some of the anthology contributors participated in a group interview. I sent them all several interview questions and they sent their responses. Instead of sharing one person’s interview each day, however, I’m going to share one question and everyone’s responses šŸ™‚

When I was a kid I used to play a game with my best friend, Linda, where we were both unicorns galloping around the school yard. Every day she described her unicorn self differently but I was always one of two things — a black unicorn with a gleaming silver horn, or a white unicorn with a shiny gold horn. I often imagined roses spiraling around those horns, and sometimes the colours of the blooms would change… but not often.

If you were to imagine yourself as a unicorn, what would you look like?

“My elementary school friend Amber and I used to play that we were unicorns galloping around the school yard, too! I wonder if this a product of growing up in the Lisa Frank era of unicorns.

When we played, I was usually a black unicorn with a white mane and tale and a white horn. I can’t remember what Amber’s unicorn usually looked like, or if she switched every day.”

Stephanie A. Cain

author of, "To Ride a Steel Horse"

” I want to have a candy-red horn! Like a twizzler, but maybe chippedĀ a bit at the end. I love the original “Alien vs Predator” comic fromĀ Dark Horse, where the main Predator is called the “Broken TuskedĀ Warrior” because one of his tusks is chipped off? So I want to be theĀ “Broken Horned Unicorn”. But again, I want that thing red as blood –Ā and not real blood, but Dario Argento “Suspiria” paint-blood red. AndĀ I want wings! Natch.

(And also maybe an eye patch, like David Bowie, because it wouldĀ forever beg the question: “Where did you get that eye patch from? YouĀ clearly didn’t make it yourself, because you are a unicorn…who gaveĀ it to you?” And I would never answer it).”

Michael Leonberger

author of, "Eli the Hideous Horse Boy"

“I definitely played that game as well, with my friends ā€œThe Neigh-Neigh Clubā€ (yes, really :P). My unicorn was always the very traditional gleaming white, but she had a purple horn that could make music.”

K.T. Ivanrest

author of, "Lightless"

“I used to play that game a lot! Back then it was an alicorn, because I also wanted wings, but these days I think I’d be something in a kirin style. Something just a little scaly and alien. Either that or just a big old thick-legged draught horse with a horn, like my favorite Magic card (Ronom Unicorn).”

Cat McDonald

author of, "The Last Ride of Hettie Richter"

Leslie: Unicorns arenā€™t my thing! I didnā€™t have a sibling close to my age. I would play Power Rangers sometimesā€¦. Ninja Turtlesā€¦

Megan: Lucky for you, I used to play unicorns most days at recess in elementary school! Iā€™d read the poem ā€˜The Lion & the Unicornā€™ in a picturebook and thought of unicorns as ferocious, potentially militant critters. So on the playground, it was girls versus boys in a battle of unicorns versus lions. Looks didnā€™t matter as much as ferocity. So Iā€™d be a battle unicorn; a fully-armoured lion-killer!

V.F. LeSann

author of, "Riders in the Sky"

What about you? How would you look if you were a unicorn? Leave a comment to share your answer–I’m sincerely curious šŸ™‚

And, if you haven’t done so already, be sure and pick up your copy of Equus today!

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