Winterknight Towers

wkt-sketch-257x300Ed Greenwood has a new project. Or projects, rather. He has created 15 new worlds/settings and is setting a whole horde of creative people loose in them. It’s very exciting. There are novels, and short stories, RPGs and art, and I don’t even know what else. When I first learned about it during a news leak on Facebook (oops!) I requested the NDA that would give me access to the setting information even though I wasn’t sure this was a thing for me–I’ve never written in a shared world before and I’m also ridiculously busy. But I was curious and I wanted to poke around, see what was there.

And then, not only did my NDA get approved, Ed-freaking-Greenwood personally sent me an email inviting me to pitch a novel and suggesting the specific world he envisioned me writing in.

Holy crap.


I mean. How do you say no to that? If you’re me, you don’t. If you’re me you press pause on everything that you can and dive into the lore of the world Ed-freaking-Greenwood has invited you to pitch him a novel for. And then you come up with a story. And you pitch it. And then you wait. And wonder. And stress.

Which is totally what I did.

But now I am proud beyond words to announce that my pitch was accepted, the contracts have been signed and I will be writing a novel for the Winterknight Towers setting!

And I’m so stoked.

But also terrified.

Which I’m taking as a sign that I’m doing something right 😉

P.S. The novel has the working title of Deadmonton, which some of you may recall was also the title of a zombie novel I wrote a few years back–these are not the same thing. I struggle with titles but I needed something to include in my pitch, my story is set in Edmonton and it has to do with ghosts so, Deadmonton fit. I’m not sure if that will still be the title by the time we get to publication but it’s the title for now.

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