Weekend Post? WTH?

It’s a weekend and I’m posting. Odd, eh? I know.

It’s about pictures. I am sort of looking for a new place to share them. I post some here, of course, but I also like to be able to share with my Twitter/Facebook/un-bloggy friends. I used to use Facebook for that but their privacy options, or lack of them, make me less inclined to do that than I once was. Does anyone have any great ideas? Is Flickr still sort of the standard place?

In the meantime, I posted a couple via TwitPic today, allow me to share them here for you.

I took this shot of the white lilac in my front yard on Friday morning.

Two more pics under the cut–

This is Danica performing a ribbon dance at her school’s art festival last weekend. Unfortunately the seating was pretty terrible and this was the best shot I could get. The dance was very awesome though 🙂 Far better than my picture of it.

This is my youngest niece hanging upside down off her mom in my backyard on Friday. What a cutie!

I have more pictures from this weekend, but I haven’t processed them yet. Once I do I’ll be sharing them here as my 1k words a day posts 🙂

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