Wanted: Artist for B is for Broken

There’s probably a much better way of doing this, but I don’t know, because I’ve never done it before :-p

I need art for B is for Broken.

Usually when I need art for a project I either buy it from a stock photography website, shoot a message to one of my artist friends or I surf art websites until I find a style I like then contact the artist to ask about commissions. None of those strategies will work in this case. They won’t work because I have no freaking idea what to put on the cover (or in the interior) of B is for Broken. I’ve had a few ideas, broken glass, broken dolls, broken dolls as seen through broken glass that sort of thing, but nothing has solidified in my mind as being precisely what I’m looking for.

If you’re an artist, that’s where you come in.

I’m looking for proposals for the artwork for B is for Broken. If you’re interested in the job, I need to know four things:

  1. If I were to hire you what would you do for the cover?
  2. What about the interior art?
  3. How much would you charge for that?
  4. How long would it take you to produce?

Also? If you send me a proposal please include a link to your online portfolio or somewhere I can see samples of your work.

Things You Need To Know:

  • The cover for B is for Broken will follow a similar design as A is for Apocalypse, meaning it will have an overlay with all the contributor’s names and the letter will be added in much the same way as was done on A is for Apocalypse (though we can obviously make it darker rather than lighter if we need).
  • The art will be edge to edge as in A is for Apocalypse (not put in a frame or anything like that), so there needs to be a suitable location for the title to be placed.
  • Cover art is full-color
  • Interior art is black and white, and will be placed inside letters to create title images for each story (examples below) so it needs to be readable even when cropped into odd shapes.
  • I would like for the color scheme for the cover art to be different than what we used for A is for Apocalypse.
  • My email address is rhonda@jofigure.com and I’ll be accepting proposals until September 30th.
    • Please use a subject line that clearly identifies why you are contacting me or your letter could get lost in my jungle-like inbox.
  • I don’t need exclusive access to your art, you’ll be welcome to sell it elsewhere also.
  • Just because we used a digitally altered photograph for A doesn’t mean that’s the only medium I’ll consider for B. In fact, I’m pretty sure that C’s cover art is going to be a scanned multi-media mosaic so don’t feel limited.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know and I’ll address them as best I can.



ETA: I was asked about file size and resolution. Our final cover needs to be 6″ x 9″ at 300 DPI.

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One thought on “Wanted: Artist for B is for Broken”

  1. Rhonda, you might want to check out the following photo for inspiration. I don’t think it’s suitable for a cover, but it might get you thinking in other directions. Light bulbs get me thinking about lives, aspirations, ideas. Since this photo is from a theater marquee, I also think about broken dreams on many levels.
    I suggest downloading the original image to view the details.

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