W1S1 Update for April

This is just a super quick update post because I expect you’re kind of tired of hearing from me everyday after the blogging challenge I did in April. No matter how much you might like someone, hearing from them every. stinking. day. can begin to wear you down, right? 🙂

I had a very productive month in April, and remain on track for my W1S1 goals. I didn’t write any new fiction but I participated in the April Poem a Day challenge (as of this post, which I’m writing on the morning of April 30th, I am a couple days behind but I expect to catch up this afternoon. I’ll update you next week when I write a post about all the challenges I did this month). I read through my poems the other day, to see how bad they were and discovered a great many of them are unfinished, but several have potential so… Yay?

I also made three sales this month and added at least one more poem into the pool of work I’m actively submitting which gives me 13 pending submissions right now.

Not too shabby, eh? 🙂

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