Um… Questions Please?

Um… can you do me a favour? You may recall I mentioned that I’d signed up for the Blogging from A to Z challenge that takes place this April. Because I know I’m going to be busier in April than I am right now (though I’m plenty busy, I assure you) I’ve begun writing and scheduling some posts. The other day I had figured out what to write for almost every letter, but Q was evading me. Then I decided — Q is for Questions.

Now I just need some. Questions, that is. To answer.

I know you are really unlikely to be sitting there thinking ‘Yay! Now I can ask Rhonda this one question that’s been burning a whole in my brain since I first knew she existed!’ but, um, if you could think of anything you’re even slightly curious about, would you please ask it? Anywhere is fine, my main blog, Livejournal, email, twitter. I’m flexible, and it doesn’t have to be serious either. I’m just looking for some questions I can put together and make a Q is for Questions blog post out of while I answer them 🙂

Thank you very much 🙂

Write 1 Sub 1 check-ins take place on Sundays and since there aren’t any left in the month, I figured today was as good a day as any to update my progress. This month, in addition to working on the revisions for Twixt and making some solid plans for my zombie chapbook (more on that later 🙂 ), I also finished rewriting a story I first drafted almost a year ago as an entry to The Whittaker Prize. I don’t remember how it scored, but it needed a lot of work. It’s received it now, and I’m pretty fond of the result. I also wrote a new poem, which was very long for me (Very, very long. Like, multiple pages long. O_o ) and revised another one. The new story and the revised poem have been added into the pool of pieces I’m currently circulating around publishers, the uber long poem is resting before I revise the crap out of it.

I also sold a story, and I’d love to celebrate it, but I haven’t received my contract yet, so all I’m willing to say is a tiny little yay over here in the corner. Once the paperwork is done I’ll definitely be more excited and share here but until then…

ETA: It’s March 1st, and I updated this post to change the image I have above there so that it has the February award graphic from the Write 1 Sub 1 website. Also, since I originally posted this I have revised a few other poems and added them into the group I’m currently subbing to publishers. I currently have 14 submissions pending at various markets.

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11 thoughts on “Um… Questions Please?”

  1. Here’s two questions. Although I write zombie stories and poems, I still hafta ask. Why do they hunger for brains? I know brains look like chitterlings (which look good, but turn my stomach). But why do they want the very thing that’s hard to get to? Do they use a nutcracker to get past the skull?

  2. Okay, you asked for it. *grins*

    You juggle so many things at once right now. What is your favorite writing-related thing? What fills you with dread (other than rejection!)?

  3. Congratulations, in advance, on selling a story!

    Here are some questions for you:

    1. What is the worst movie theater experience that you’ve ever had?

    2. What advice would you have for an online writer who wants to sell individual articles to magazines or other periodicals? Is the magic in the query? Or, should one submit a finished article?

    3. What are your views on suicide?

    4. Should marijuana be legal?

    5. Why haven’t they found a cure for cancer, AIDS nor Alzheimer’s disease?

    6. Deal or No Deal?

    @MadlabPost on Twitter

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