Time Travel Week: Method of Travel

I had the pleasure of acquiring and editing Wendy Nikel’s time travel novella, The Continuum, for World Weaver Press last year and next week I get to watch it get released into the world. I am very excited to see it get into the hands of readers so I asked Wendy if, to celebrate and sort of lead-up to that happening, we could do something on my blog.

Wendy has been using the hashtag #TimeTravelTues to pose a time travel related question to Twitter for weeks now so over the next few days I’m going to share five of those questions, Wendy’s answer to them, my answer to them… and maybe a short excerpt or two. And I’m curious to know what your answer to the questions would be as well. Please feel free to answer here or on Twitter using the hashtag 🙂

I got to take a journey down nostalgia road as I answered today’s question… and that’s a sort of time travel all its own, eh? 😉

#TimeTravelTues — What’s the best method of time travel?

“In Jack Finney’s novel, Time And Again, the main character Simon Morley uses hypnotism to travel into the past, and I’ve always thought this was a fascinating method of time travel. Unlike many methods, you don’t need a fancy machine or magic potion or high-tech wormhole — just the power of the human mind. I also love that, with this method, time travel could be a skill that anyone could learn.”

“The worst method of time travel has got to be ‘randomly’ such as in The Time Traveler’s Wife, and when I started thinking of the best ways I began with things you go into–Deloreans, TARDISes, phone booths, accidental time machines–but it very quickly became apparant that my favourite methods of time travel involve things you can hold in your hand. Though the time-turner from Harry Potter was a very close second, in the end I had to pick the omni from Voyagers! Because man, did I ever love that show when I was a kid. Here are the opening credits with the omni in case you’ve never seen it:

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