Time Travel Week: Discontinued Items

I had the pleasure of acquiring and editing Wendy Nikel’s time travel novella, The Continuum, for World Weaver Press last year and next week I get the pleasure of watching it get released into the world. I am very excited to see it get into the hands of readers so I asked Wendy if, to celebrate and sort of lead-up to that happening, we could do something on my blog.

Wendy has been using the hashtag #TimeTravelTues to pose a time travel related question to Twitter for weeks now so over the next few days I’m going to share five of those questions, Wendy’s answer to them, my answer to them… and maybe a short excerpt or two. And I’m curious to know what your answer to the questions would be as well. Please feel free to answer here or on Twitter using the hashtag 🙂

#TimeTravelTues — What discontinued item/product would you go back in time to enjoy?

“I was a Starbucks barista during the era of the Tazoberry blended drink (the precursor to the Tazoberry Creme Frappuchino), and I sometimes find myself craving one of those. I’d often make my own with one pump of raspberry syrup, and it was a great drink for a summer afternoon.”

“Back when the live action Flintstone’s movie came out Crush had a limited edition pop flavour called Bedrock Berry. I loved it (especially with cherry whiskey). As I remember it, it was sort of like Tahiti Treat, but not quite. Om nom nom nom!”

Excerpt from The Continuum:



1. Travelers must return to their original era as scheduled.
2. Travelers are prohibited from Jumping to any time they have already experienced.
3. Travel dates must be prior to the traveler’s birth.
4. Travel within the Black Dates is prohibited.*
5. Only pre-approved objects may be taken into the past.
6. Travelers are prohibited from disclosing information about PITTA or its excursions.
7. Travelers are prohibited from disclosing any foreknowledge to people of the past.
8. Travelers must avoid all unnecessary fraternization with people of past eras.
9. Extractions must occur in secure, unobservable locations.
10. After Extraction, clients must immediately return their Wormhole Devices to PITTA headquarters.

*for complete list of Black Dates, see PITTA handbook Appendix B

Care to guess how many of these rules get broken in the book? How about guessing which ones? LOL If you’re not quite feeling adventurous enough to gamble on that, how about just sharing what one discontinued item you would travel to the past for?

Read it now:

World Weaver Press



iTunes/Apple iBooks

Barnes & Noble

Or ask your local library to add it to their catalogue!

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