My daughter, who is nine, has recently started writing quite a bit of poetry — and some of it shows promise, especially when she stops trying to force rhymes LOL. Right now I’m just supporting her…if she keeps it up maybe someday I’ll help her revise and edit her work, but for now I don’t want to point out the weaknesses of it, I just want to foster her talent.

This morning she came to me with a new poem called ‘Dragon’s Breath’ and asked me to help her submit it to publishers.  I told her I would, though I intend to shield her from rejections as much as I can — or at least share some of my own to help dull the pain for her.  Maybe, though, those revision lessons aren’t too far in the future.

On another note it occurred to me that my writing website doesn’t actually feature any of my writing LOL I think maybe after pieces have been published if I still retain the rights to do so, I may post some of them up here.  It seems like a reasonable thing to do, doesn’t it?  I thought so too 🙂  Look for it in the future.

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