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2017 Goals


It’s that time of year again. When I set goals in order to pretend that I have something resembling focus and not just magpie energy for the year to come and share them on my blog here. At the end of each year I assess how well I did in accomplishing my goals and set new ones. It’s an important thing for me, this setting and sharing of goals. Setting them and having them written down in concrete language really helps me regain my focus when I lose it (which is often), evaluate progress, get things done and also, look back over time and see a bigger picture of things I’ve accomplished. Sharing them on my blog here with you is equally important because it provides a sense of accountability which can be a huge motivation at times when I need it most.

My Goals for 2017

  • Write the first draft of Deadmonton — my Winterknight Towers book
  • Participate in the release and promotion of Dream Eater to the best of my ability
  • Publish D is for Dinosaur in February
    • Promote it to the best of my ability and hit my launch and sales goals
  • Have Equus ready for a summer publication
    • Promote it to the best of my ability and hit my launch and sales goals
  • Announce [Top Sekkrit Anthology #1] and hit all the publisher’s deadlines for it. (Announce in February?)
  • Announce [Top Sekkrit Anthology #2] and have it ready for a November publication date
  • Have a successful open submissions period for Fire: Demons, Dragons and Djinns and hit all my deadlines for it
  • Announce E is for REDACTED and hit all my deadlines for it for a 2018 release
  • Take a vacation in July. For real.
  • Promote Haunted Hospitals to the best of my ability upon its release.
  • Read 30 books that are not related to work, including those on my partial reading list.
  • Spend at least half a day a week away from the internet, writing.
  • Create and release the Magical Menageries colouring book

I think that’s enough, don’t you? LOL

I have several other miscellaneous things that I’d like to do (acquire a book during WWP’s open submission period next month, participate in Advent Ghosts, participate in NovPad, do another charitable blog tour, self-publish Shadows…) but the stuff above, those are the things I feel a real need to do. The other things I’m being more flexible about. I’d like to do them, but I’ll be okay if they don’t happen.

On the Cusp

Blodeuwedd - Niteblade #23Ya know, I feel more and more these days, that I’m on the cusp of something. Something awesome…

I just don’t have a clue what LOL

Maybe it’s my writing. The work I’m producing just keeps getting better and W1S1 keeps me motivated to keep creating it and sending it out there. Plus my newest self-published project is going to be making its way out into the world soon.

Could be that it’s Metastasis. There are exciting things happening there. Things I can’t talk about just yet, but which make me very happy.

Or maybe it’s Niteblade.

There is a lot going on with Niteblade these days. A lot.

First of all it’s our 2nd annual fundraiser. We’re running it via IndieGoGo and in the past four days we surpassed the amount we raised all month last year. Currently we’ve raised $179. Exciting! I’m still nervous though. The people who have donated perks for this fundraiser? Well, they want people to pick their stuff and there are still a lot of perks left, so *fingers crossed* more people will pop by and see something they want.

Niteblade’s 2013 Fundraiser

Also exciting for Niteblade? We just released our first issue for the Kindle. We began with the most recent issue (Blodeuwedd, which was released on March 1st) and we’ll be working backward to add all the 2012 titles as well.

~ Blodeuwedd (Niteblade Magazine) for Kindle (Canada) ~ Blodeuwedd (Niteblade Magazine) for Kindle (USA) ~

For other countries just search for ‘Niteblade’ 🙂

So… yeah. I feel like something awesome is going to happen soon. I just can’t wait to find out what.

(also, do you think I could have used the word ‘exciting’ in this blog post any more than I did? LoL)