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It’s So Hot…

It’s so hot!

How hot is it?

It’s so hot that:

-> The radio announcers on CBC keep warning people not to go outside unless absolutely necessary
-> The magpies in my back yard were panting and fighting over a nasty little pool of water in our compost
(we put some clean water out for them)
-> My dog, who rarely leaves my side, is hesitant to go anywhere but the concrete floor in the unfinished part of our basement
-> Our neighbourhood convenience store have all their chocolate bars stored in the pop coolers to keep them from melting
-> We have a severe thunderstorm warning for tonight because they expect a violent reaction once the air begins to cool down.
-> The tar on the streets sticks to your shoes and pulls away like ooey gooey bubble gum
-> Even places with air conditioning feel far, far too hot

We don’t have air conditioning. If you need me, I’ll be sitting in the basement, in front of a fan, reading submissions for Metastasis.

(The actual weather was about 34 degrees Celsius but the humidity is so high it apparently feels like 44. All I know is it’s freaking hot, dudes.)