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Sale: Memories

Vine Leaves Literary Journal

Within my writing folder there happens to be a vignette I’d written in 2010. I like it very much, but had no freaking idea what to do with, so it kicked around my brain and gathered virtual dust on my hard drive, waiting for me to write something I could plug it into. Then, a few weeks ago I was looking on Duotrope for a good place to submit a poem I’d written and I stumbled across Vine Leaves Literary Journal. Vine Leaves is unique in that they publish vignettes. You know what’s better than finding a story I could include that vignette in? Finding a publication that was willing to consider it just as it is.

I sent the vignette (which I called Memories) to Vine Leaves along with the poem. I haven’t heard back about the poem yet (keep your fingers crossed) but this morning I received an email saying that Memories had been accepted for inclusion in their October issue and would be included in their annual ‘Best of’ anthology.


ETA: They passed on the poem I sent them, but I’ve since submitted it elsewhere so your finger crossing will not be wasted 🙂