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Abbadon’s Curse

This post is about video games. I was originally going to write about the video games I play these days, but then I had a better idea. Let me tell you about a fantastic video game that was never made.

Abbadon’s Curse.

Abbadon’s Curse is a game I wanted to create over ten years ago. I looked over the main game description document that I gave to the developers and it looks like it was created in early 2002 and I’d been working on stuff for the game long before I began that file.

Abbadon’s Curse was going to be fantastic. It was an MMORPG with all of the usual MMORPG-type things in it, but there were a lot of other cool things that I hadn’t seen done in games up until that point. Night and day, for example, with certain spells and abilities only being able to be used in one or the other. Capes which could be designed (like tabards are now in WoW) to have a unique look for each guild (or character). It was also going to be very story-centric, very lore-based.

The game was set in the world of Aphanasia. A place where, upon the death of her son in battle, she blessed that land so that any who died in battle would not remain dead but rise up once more to fight again. Unfortunately, despite the fact her intentions may have been good, in reality her blessing turned out to be more like a curse.Β  Dun dun dun.

Moonberrys were also very important in that world, as was the magical tree they came from. They were especially important to a race of lizard-men called the UrbagdΓΊ or the Reptar who used them in every part of their society. The wise men used the berries for medicines, the mages for magic and the warriors used shed boughs from the trees for weapons. Moonberries were even the closest thing the society had to a currency.

In developing the game and it’s storyline we focused a lot on the reptar because they were going to be our first set of adversaries (you know, after everyone was done leveling off rats, and moving on to wolves, and then…) and we needed to give them depth and story. We had several other races in mind we were going to use as spice in our first release and make more important in the future. The Reptar were found mostly in and around the swamp, but the mountains were home to a race of shadow elves, and pirates tended to prowl the coastlines. And of course, what kind of RPGMMO would be complete without vampires? We had them too… In fact, one of our important, named NPCs was a vampiric pirate πŸ˜‰

In addition to our races and plots and maps and game design documents, we also had a series of gods for the denizens of Aphanasia to worship (the icons for each are along the bottom there). Abbadon, Calamyr, Rakkir (named after a character I used to RP with), Xaphan and the Dragon Gods.

Alas the game fell apart. I totally blame myself. I was the lead on the game, the story was mine, the bulk of the world development was mine, and it was my work that filled the game design documents, but I can’t program. Not even a little. I wasn’t able to provide strong leadership to the programming team and I think it was largely because of my ignorance in programming. I couldn’t set reasonable timelines or expectations and I didn’t know how to crack the whip.

I’m still very sad this game never got to become a reality, but I was determined not to allow the insane amounts of work I’d put into the world development for it to go to waste. That’s why, if you’ve read any of my Aphanasian stories, a lot of this stuff will sound familiar to you.

The moonberry tree got a bit of a makeover, and I set my stories in a time after Abbadon’s curse has ceased to exist (so far anyway LoL). I tweaked my races and my world to suit the world of fiction better than that of video games, but the skeleton of that world definitely comes from what I developed for a video game.

~ Shadows ~ Sister Margaret ~ Lost and Found ~ Shades of Green ~ There’s Always a Catch ~ The Legend of the First Reptar ~

All the above stories are set in Aphanasia, and most of them can be read for free, if you’re interested. It looks like the e-zine that published The Legend of the First Reptar is no longer in existence, but the other stories are all still available (except Shadows which I just finished LOL)

So, yeah. While I’m terribly sad that Abbadon’s Curse will never be a game you can download and play (barring a minor miracle anyway LoL) I’m pretty pleased with myself that I managed to continue to use the world I’d created for it, making it even more lush, detailed and populated than I had for the game.


This blog post is part of the Blogging from A to Z challenge over the month of April and was brought to you by the letter V for Video Game. Tomorrow my husband Jo will be doing a guest blog. He won’t even tell me what it’s going to be about except that it has something to do with chickens. I hope you’ll stop by, it ought to be entertaining πŸ™‚

Niteblade Issue 7 and More

March 2009 Issue of Niteblade

So first of all, the new issue of Niteblade is out πŸ™‚ This one is full to bursting with awesome-ness. Seriously. The cover piece is a poem called “Sentry” by Greg Schwartz, a deliciously evil poem that I just adore. There are also poems by Sarah Wagner, Brian Rosenberger, Sheryl Nantus, R. J. Walker Miller, Suzanne Sykora, T. J. Trancell, Lucien E. G. Spelman, Cathy Buburuz, Joshua Gage and Howie Good.

In addition to the poetry, there are great stories by Christian Roberts, Ty Fanck and Emily Mah, Tai Dong Huai, Brandon Satrom, Gregg Winkler, Beth Cato, Kristine Ong Muslim and Lynette Mejia.

I’m not going to review the issue here now because, obviously, I’m biased, but I really think it’s worth checking out. If you read it I’d love to hear what you think. What were your favorites? Which your preffered illustration? (Mine is the picture for Chasing Rabbits I think πŸ˜‰ ).

In other, completely unrelated news, my erotic short story is in this month’s erotica issue of Sonar 4 E-zine. The Legend of the First Reptar is a story I wrote as an expiremental attempt to successfully combine erotica and fantasy. I really like the story, but agonized over whether to publish it under my real name or not. In the end I did, mostly because the story deals with Reptars which are a race of lizardmen who figure very prominantly in my Aphanasia stories. Because of the nature of this story it’s not suitable to be read by anyone under 18 or who is easily offended. If you enjoy it great, if you’d rather not read it I won’t hold it against you πŸ˜‰