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Niteblade Issue 7 and More

March 2009 Issue of Niteblade

So first of all, the new issue of Niteblade is out 🙂 This one is full to bursting with awesome-ness. Seriously. The cover piece is a poem called “Sentry” by Greg Schwartz, a deliciously evil poem that I just adore. There are also poems by Sarah Wagner, Brian Rosenberger, Sheryl Nantus, R. J. Walker Miller, Suzanne Sykora, T. J. Trancell, Lucien E. G. Spelman, Cathy Buburuz, Joshua Gage and Howie Good.

In addition to the poetry, there are great stories by Christian Roberts, Ty Fanck and Emily Mah, Tai Dong Huai, Brandon Satrom, Gregg Winkler, Beth Cato, Kristine Ong Muslim and Lynette Mejia.

I’m not going to review the issue here now because, obviously, I’m biased, but I really think it’s worth checking out. If you read it I’d love to hear what you think. What were your favorites? Which your preffered illustration? (Mine is the picture for Chasing Rabbits I think 😉 ).

In other, completely unrelated news, my erotic short story is in this month’s erotica issue of Sonar 4 E-zine. The Legend of the First Reptar is a story I wrote as an expiremental attempt to successfully combine erotica and fantasy. I really like the story, but agonized over whether to publish it under my real name or not. In the end I did, mostly because the story deals with Reptars which are a race of lizardmen who figure very prominantly in my Aphanasia stories. Because of the nature of this story it’s not suitable to be read by anyone under 18 or who is easily offended. If you enjoy it great, if you’d rather not read it I won’t hold it against you 😉