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Scarecrow -- Dragon Age: Origins
My character & Alistair with a scarecrow in Dragon Age: Origins

I want to give you TEN (10) copies of Scarecrow.

Yep. You read that right.

I’m going to give one person ten copies of Scarecrow. That lucky winner can keep one and give the other nine away however they want to–to their book club, friends, relatives, libraries or random people on the internet–whatever they want. Why? Well, mostly because giving away books is fun and I want to spread the joy around 🙂

How do you enter?

Take photos of or with scarecrows and share them on social media (Twitter, Facebook) using the hashtag #ScarecrowSelfies (If you don’t do social media I will post and share on your behalf — email your pictures to me at fae [at] worldweaverpress.com)

I will compile and share/link to the photos on my blog, because c’mon, of course I will!

Every photo taken will count as an entry into the draw and you will get an extra entry if your photo contains a copy of either CORVIDAE or FAE

And as I said, the winner will receive a box of copies of SCARECROW to share however you want. Actually, I’ll give you a bonus entry if you post on social media using the #ScarecrowSelfies and tell us how you would give away the books if you won.

That’s three ways to enter the draw. C’mon, it’ll be fun!

I will hold the draw on the morning of August 13th so make sure your entries are in by the 12th.


Official-Type Stuff & FAQs

You cannot sell the nine extra copies, you must give them away for free.

The books are shipping from inside the US so if you live outside the US you are still welcome to enter but if you win you will be responsible for any customs, duty or other costs associated with importing the books.

Why not give eight people one copy of SCARECROW instead of giving one person eight copies?

Why not? I want to try something different and we’ll still be running a Goodreads giveaway for SCARECROW the same as we have for FAE and CORVIDAE so this isn’t the only chance people will have to win a copy but it is the only chance they’ll have to win nine of them 🙂

Does the picture have to be with a real scarecrow?

Nope. I’m open to all sorts of creative interpretations on this one. A picture of you with a picture of a scarecrow? Cool. A screenshot from a video game with a scarecrow? Okay. A friend dressed up as a scarecrow posing with you? Awesome. Please feel free to think outside the box on this one.

Have a question? Hit me up, I’m happy to answer 🙂


Some of the entries:

The Thing About Facebook

Dear Facebook,

I’m sorry, but this just isn’t working out. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been spending less and less time with you these days, and the fact is I think we need to break up. I’ve changed, you’ve changed…it’s just not the same.

I used to think it was loads of fun looking up all the people I went to school with, looking at all their pictures, their kids, their cats, and it’s true you helped me locate friends I thought I had forever lost touch with, but that’s not enough anymore. It’s not.

And then Scrabulous got taken away. I think maybe that was the beginning of the end right there. Zombies and vampires are awesome, but Scrabulous beat them all hands down.

My favorite thing to do was to look at all my “friends” (and I have to put that in quotes Facebook because you and I both know that there are friends, and then there are “friends”. C’mon, admit it) statuses and feel like I was kept up to date on what was going on in their lives. I felt a connection, however vague, it was there. You keep changing your appearance and layout so much I can’t do that, and I feel like I need to constantly decipher you.

Also, what’s with the mood swings? You seem to randomly decide what you’ll show me on my feed and what you won’t — no matter what settings I change or what I tell you to show or hide. I don’t get it, this game you’re playing, and I am not willing to be a part of it. If you want to play your little powergames, you can do it alone.

That’s right, Facebook, I’m going to set another page as my home page. I know, I know, but you had to have seen this coming, surely?

I’ll still come back once a day, Danica likes it when I play Pet Society with her, and I still sort of like the ‘Slots’ and ‘Pull Tabs’ apps, but that’s all. You are no longer going to be a place I spend much time, and I won’t try to count on you to keep up with my friend’s lives.

I have twitter now, my blog, and as always my faithful live journal. Plus, there’s email and *gasp* face-to-face meetings too. So I’m leaving you Facebook, I just need to make sure I tell all my friends there, so they’ll know where to find me.

I hope you find someone else, Facebook, and can be happy. I really do.