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Aphanasian Stories

Aphanasian Stories. I’ve bundled up three of the stories I’ve written which were set in Aphanasia into a collection I have cleverly titled Aphanasian Stories, and it’s now available for you 🙂 Including in this collection of re-released stories are … Continue reading

T4T: Two Book Covers… Almost

These pictures are going to be book covers when they grow up 🙂 Click them to see the full image, WordPress crops the thumbnails. I’ve decided to put a few of my previously published works up on Kindle. Sister Margaret … Continue reading

Abbadon’s Curse

This post is about video games. I was originally going to write about the video games I play these days, but then I had a better idea. Let me tell you about a fantastic video game that was never made. … Continue reading

“I absolutely LOVE this story.”

I stumbled across a review of Sister Margaret today that said that. “I absolutely LOVE this story.” Well, I have to say, I absolutely LOVE this review 🙂 Sister Margaret at GhostWriter Reviews That reviewer will be happy to hear … Continue reading

News :)

I am very addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee. Almost as addicted as I am to World of Warcraft. I always said I should take a camera with me on the walk to Tims (which I make at least once a … Continue reading

The Legendary and Auction for Cat

Help Catherynne M. Valente My auction for ad space on Niteblade, a copy of Sister Margaret and a copy of Lost Innocence ends at midnight tomorrow. Right now it has one bid on it (thank you Greg) for $5. Surely … Continue reading

A Helping Hand

Help Catherynne M. Valente I don’t actually know yuki_onna or justbeast . I’ve never read any of Catherynne’s work and they aren’t on my friends list. That being said, when I read about their troubles I wanted to help. So … Continue reading

Screenshot or it didn’t happen!

Sometimes you just gotta screenshot things. Even if they don’t actually mean anything. This is one of those times. Sister Margaret is actually tied with all these novels in that we all have five or more ratings and 100% of … Continue reading

Halloween in May

Belinda McBride is having a Halloween in May event at her blog and on her mailing list. All month she has been having guest bloggers pop by and write about paranormal expiriences, Samhain or Halloween. I am lucky enough to … Continue reading

Four Fang Review

I’ve never actually met Roxanne Rhoads of Fang-tastic Books but I may love her. She just posted a review of Sister Margaret today in which she gave it four fangs (out of five) and said: Rhonda Parrish delivers a wonderfully … Continue reading


I just got home from the World Horror Convention in Winnipeg. It had the lowest attendance of any World Horror Con (61 paid memberships with about 30 of those people actually attending), but it was a blast. We really got … Continue reading