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Sirens Blog Tour Recap

I’ve hosted several blog tours over the years and made the same mistake with several of them — I didn’t post a recap blog post at the end of the tour. I think recap posts are important because they bring … Continue reading

Aurora Award Nominations are Open

SIRENS -- cover by Jonathan C. Parrish

It’s the time of year again! Nominations are open for the Aurora Awards. This year I have two eligible anthologies, Sirens and C is for Chimera. In addition, the following individual stories from the anthologies are also eligible: Sirens: “Moth … Continue reading

Sirens Blog Tour Round-Up

Right. So you know that thing when you’re happily reading submissions for the fifth book in a series and you realise that though you thought you’d done a round up post about the blog tour you held to celebrate the … Continue reading

Magical Menageries Colouring Book

I’m currently open to submissions of speculative stories about all things equine for Equus, the latest title in my Magical Menageries series. If you’re interested in submitting check out the call for submissions here, or find out what happens after you submit here. But this … Continue reading

When Words Collide 2016

What a weekend! When Words Collide was last weekend and it was amazing (as always). I can’t begin to contain all the awesome things that happened in one blog post, but here’s a very brief snapshot of my weekend: This … Continue reading

The Sound of Sirens

For this, the final entry into the Sirens blog tour, I’d like to leave you with something amazing — The Sound of Sirens. This podcast was created by Cat McDonald and edited by Nick Acheff to celebrate the launch of Sirens … Continue reading

Notefisher: Alt Opening

As suggested by the title right there *points up* and right there *points down”, this is an alternate opening for Cat McDonald’s Sirens story, “Notefisher” 🙂   Notefisher Alt Opening Cat McDonald   Terra wiggled back into the rain-wet couch … Continue reading

Four (and a half) Things I Learned Writing Threshold

Four (and a half) Things I Learned Writing Threshold K.T. Ivanrest Disclaimer: While some of these are things I discovered about myself as a writer, others are advice straight out of Writing 101. I’m sharing them anyway because they were … Continue reading

Notes on “We Are Sirens”

Notes on “We Are Sirens” L.S. Johnson  This is the seed: a class called “Integrated Liberal Studies” in my senior year of high school. We read Homer, we read snatches of Ovid and Virgil, and I felt myself falling down … Continue reading

Literary Crush

Literary Crush by Michael Leonberger If novels are like great romances, then short stories are the equivalent of speed dating. Fast. Flirty. Direct. If the encounter is good, it lingers in the mind long after the affair has ended. Hopefully … Continue reading

Listen and Repeat

Today’s contribution to the Sirens blog tour is a piece of flash fiction from Tamsin Showbrook. Enjoy! LISTEN AND REPEAT by Tamsin Showbrook  It was okay in the beginning. I first heard the song on YouTube.  There were a few … Continue reading