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Sirens Blog Tour Recap

I’ve hosted several blog tours over the years and made the same mistake with several of them — I didn’t post a recap blog post at the end of the tour. I think recap posts are important because they bring all the links together in one handy place for people who are discovering the blog tour after its over and so I’m working backward and creating those posts for past blog tours that are without. The very first tour to get a schmexy new recap post is Sirens: The Blog Tour.

Sirens are beautiful, dangerous, and musical, whether they come from the sea or the sky. Greek sirens were described as part-bird, part-woman, and Roman sirens more like mermaids, but both had a voice that could captivate and destroy the strongest man. The pages of this book contain the stories of the Sirens of old, but also allow for modern re-imaginings, plucking the sirens out of their natural elements and placing them at a high school football game, or in wartime London, or even into outer space.

Featuring stories by Kelly Sandoval, Amanda Kespohl, L.S. Johnson, Pat Flewwelling, Gabriel F. Cuellar, Randall G. Arnold, Micheal Leonberger, V. F. LeSann, Tamsin Showbrook, Simon Kewin, Cat McDonald, Sandra Wickham, K.T. Ivanrest, Adam L. Bealby, Eliza Chan, and Tabitha Lord, these siren songs will both exemplify and defy your expectations.

I love this anthology, so to celebrate and help spread the word about its release I hosted a contributor-centric blog tour. These were the stops:

Sirens Blog Tour Round-Up

Sirens Blog Tour


So you know that thing when you’re happily reading submissions for the fifth book in a series and you realise that though you thought you’d done a round up post about the blog tour you held to celebrate the fourth book in the series you didn’t? No. Well, that must be nice.

Because I know exactly how that feels.

So bear with me–even though this was several months ago, I’m going to make this round up post. Because these blog entries? They are pretty spectacular. If you haven’t seen them already, they are definitely worth a look!

Sirens Blog Tour Recap

June 28, 29th and 30th
“Of Sirens and Sorrow” three part mini-series by Amanda Kespohl

July 5th
Why I Wrote Safe Waters For Sirens” by Simon Kewin

July 7th
The Drama in Japanese Dramas” by Eliza Chan

July 12th (Release Day)
#TuesdayTeaser” by Pippa Jay
I Blurbed it!” by Beth Cato
Love at First Sight” by Amanda Kespohl

July 13th
Six Things on Sirens and Storytelling” by Tabitha Lord
Medusa with the Good Hair” by Michael Leonberger
Sirens: The Femme Fatales of Folklore” by Eliza Chan
The Horrors in the Closet” by Adam Bealby

July 14th
SIrens and the Writing Process” by Tamsin Showbrook
The Call of Sirens” by Amanda Kespohl
Voices in my Head…” by Tabitha Lord

July 15th
The Ugly Siren” by Adam Bealby
Linn Arvidsson hosts a Sirens spotlight and review
Samantha Saboviec conducts three question interviews with Sirens contributors
Listen and Repeat” by Tamsin Showbrook

July 16th
Why Sirens?” by L.S. Johnson
Literary Crush” by Michael Leonberger

July 18th
Paul A. Hamilton interviews K.T. Ivanrest, Cat McDonald and Randall G. Arnold
About ‘Siren Seeking’” by Kelly Sandoval
Notes on ‘We Are Sirens’” by L.S. Johnson

July 19th
Four (and a half) Things I Learned Writing Threshold” by K.T. Ivanrest

July 20th
Notefisher alternative opening by Cat McDonald

July 29th
The Sound of Sirens — the Sirens launchcast!


Looking back at this makes me proud all over again. For this blog tour. For this book. Thank you to everyone who helped make both happen 🙂