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Trafficking in Magic / Magicking in TrafficI am ridiculously pleased to announce the publication of my story, Share, in Trafficking in Magic, Magicking in Traffic. Ridiculously 🙂

My contribution is about a flesh golem named Share, who is fascinated by blood. I’ve included an excerpt below:

I was working in the kitchen, cutting up vegetables for Master’s dinner. I tilted the blade up to the light and looked at myself in it, then angled it differently to see the flashes of whiteness cast by the overhead florescent bulbs.

I glanced down at the pure white tiles on the floor, shifted the blade so I could see them reflected darkly on its underside.

The tiles were missing something.

I stuck out my thumb and slashed through it with the blade.

A dull thud sounded as my thumb hit the floor. I looked expectantly at the stump attached to my hand. No blood. I peered down at the floor, and the piece of meat that lay there. No blood. Frowning, I bent over and grabbed my thumb from the floor and squeezed it, trying to wring out even a single drop of ruby liquid.


Intrigued? Trafficking in Magic, Magicking in Traffic is available at Barnes and Noble and, if you really need to support them, Amazon.


Sale: Share

fb-logo-300pixel-revIf you’ve been following this blog for long enough you may have heard of my story, “Share”, before. “Share” is a short story I wrote in 2009 about a flesh golem*. The story was inspired by a fantastic photograph of one of my Facebook friends. Her name, as you may have guessed, is Share and I wrote the story with the intent of submitting it to an anthology edited by David Sklar and Sarah Avery. The anthology, Trafficking in Magic is actually one of two anthologies which would be paired together. The other was Magicking in Traffic.

My story was accepted in early 2010.

I was *so* excited.

Then life got in the way. To make a long story short, the original publisher had to close down because of health issues. The good news, though, was that David and Sarah were shopping the anthologies around to other publishers, and so there was hope.

That hope was realised a while back when we all signed contracts with a new publisher. Fantastic Books. I held off on announcing this development because after all that this project has been through, I’m a wee bit gun shy, however we now have a release date. A release date! That’s concrete and exciting 🙂

So I can now announce, with confidence, that my story, “Share” will be included in the Trafficking in Magic / Magicking in Traffic anthologies, edited by David Sklar and Sarah Avery and set to be released during Balticon May 23-26th.


*My auto correct wanted me to change that to Google. Flesh Google. That’s a great story title, don’t you think? Hmm…

ETA: To be super, duper, extra clear, NONE of what happens in my story is based on Share (the real person who was the model in the photograph which inspired it). That is alllll fiction.