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Things are a weird (and quite surreal) mixture of incredibly laid-back and stressy-busy around here these days. It’s odd, and not great for productivity. Still, I sent out my newsletter today. It included the cover for Shades of Green (in case anyone missed it) and also the first chapter. I hope everyone enjoys it 🙂

In other news, over at Niteblade we are giving away a free .pdf of last year’s December issue, Oh, Christmas Tree. If you don’t already have a copy you can get it at http://www.niteblade.com/news 🙂

I won’t be online reliably now until after the New Year, so I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of December and I’ll see you in 2010 🙂

Book Pages

What do you look for in a book page?

I had a moment of ‘Zomg! Look at the date!’ yesterday, which was just enough to get my butt in gear working on spreading the word about SHADES OF GREEN since it’s coming out in less than a month! I’m a 60/40 mixture of nervous and excited… Anyway, I started talking to bloggers about doing interviews and guest posts, and to reviewers about reviewing the story. I also created a little page on this blog for SHADES OF GREEN (linked to from the title). The thing is, I’m not quite sure what else to put on it. It needs something…it’s pretty empty.

I am going to check with my publisher and see about including an excerpt, and once I have some reviews to share I’ll put them there too…but is that all that’s missing? What do you like to see on pages dedicated to a single book? Or, possibly a better question, do you ever go to or read promo pages like that?

Inquiring minds want to know… (or is that enquiring? hmmm…)

Shades of Green

The contract has been sent, signed and sent back to the publisher. That means it’s official! My novella, Shades of Green has been accepted for publication by Sam’s Dot Publishing. *squee* The publication date is January 1, 2010 and I can’t think of a better way to start the year.

Shades of Green is an Aphanasian story, it was originally part of my novel-in-stories, Swamp Story, before I decided to rip it apart and make the stories stand on their own. Shades of Green is about a swamp elf, Z’thandra, who lives with the reptar, a fierce race of lizard-people who resent her presence and want her gone from the village. When she discovers a human in the swamp and falls in love with him, she needs to make a difficult decision, the reprecussions of which will affect the Reptar for generations.

It’s a love story…of a sort, and I am really proud of it. I can’t wait to see it in print and be able to share it with readers!

*does a little happy dance*