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Published: Lost Miners

7 x 20 MagazineMy poem, Lost Miners, was published on Seven by Twenty today as a way of commemorating the anniversary of the Westray mining disaster.

Re-reading it now I can see that I made an error. It should be 26 pairs of boots, not 26 boots but it’s too late to change it now.

Published: Lovers

7 x 20 MagazineMy super short poem, Lovers, was reprinted in Seven by Twenty today.

This is the poem that earned me a Rhysling nomination a couple years ago and is the one I read at the only poetry reading I’ve ever done (at the World Fantasy Convention in Calgary). I like it. A lot. Though now, after several years of reading it over and over for various reasons, I find it difficult to resist the urge to edit it. Ya know, just take out a comma, or tweek a word. This is why I don’t usually read my work after it’s been published 😉

Check it out –> Lovers on Seven by Twenty.

Published: Change

7 x 20 MagazineMy lycanthrope poem, Change, was reprinted by Seven by Twenty today. Yay!

Seven by Twenty is a rather interesting publication in that it’s a twitterzine. Hence the name. Seven by Twenty. 140 characters. Get it? (I didn’t get it at first, so um… yeah.) So if you’re looking for a little somethin’ to spice up your Twitter feed everyday you might want to give them a follow. While you’re there you could read my poem… and maybe give it a little RT.



What? You had to see that one coming 🙂

Sale: Three Poems

Yay! Three of my poems will be included in future issues of the awesome twitterzine Seven by Twenty. My poems Lost Miners, Lovers and Change is Good will all be published on their twitter feed over the next few months.

Lovers and Change is Good are reprints, but Lost Miners is a new poem I wrote as part of my April Poem-a-Day challenge. I’ll be sure and share the news as each one is featured.