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Night of Promises

All month long I’m going to be hosting the posts of other people as part of my 2015 Giftmas Blog Tour. All the guest bloggers are welcome to write about anything they’d like so long as their post touched on … Continue reading

Published: Matches

Ruminate #32

My poem, Matches, is in the most recent issue of Ruminate Magazine, which was published just this week. Matches may very well be my most poem-y poem ever and I’m incredibly proud of it. If you’d like to check out … Continue reading

Published: Vampiric Fluff

My poem, Vampiric Fluff, has been reprinted in this anthology edited by Carol Hightshoe, These Vampires Don’t Sparkle. I’ve previously described the poem as my ‘flufftastic iambic tetrameter vampire poem’ and really, I think I picked that description because I … Continue reading

Dwarf Star Nomination: Beneath

My poem, Beneath, is going to be included in the 2014 Dwarf Stars anthology. That means it is eligible for a Dwarf Star award!!1! Let’s be honest here, my odds of placing in the top three are pretty freaking slim … Continue reading

Published: What Won’t Wait

My poem, What Won’t Wait, is included in the current issue of The Stray Branch. Some of their stories and poems from this issue are available on their website for free. Mine is not among them LoL but they may … Continue reading


I’m working pretty hard on the edits for Fae today, but I find that my productivity stays highest if I take little breaks in between to do other stuff. It keeps my mind sharp (ish LOL) and keeps the words … Continue reading


So I wrote this poem a while back. The bad news is that it’s about as subtle as a cast iron frying pan to the face, which makes it a wee bit tricky to place in a publication. The good … Continue reading

Published: The Choice

My poem, “The Choice”, was published in this month’s issue of Disturbed Digest. Bonus points? My name made it on the cover. I love it when my name makes it on the cover 🙂 “The Choice” is a short little … Continue reading

Published: Potty Party Girl

My bizarre little poem Potty Party Girl is now available in the latest issue of Gold Dust Magazine. I’d never in a million years imagined I would get Potty Party Girl published before I stumbled across this magazine, but when … Continue reading

Sale: Hereditary Delusions

Great news! My poem Hereditary Delusions, which I wrote after being inspired by a NaNoLJers prompt from Beth Cato, has been accepted for publication by Every Day Poets. I will definitely update again once I know its publication date and … Continue reading

Published: Hold This Camel

My poem, “Hold This Camel” has been published in Volume 1, Issue 3 of The Germ. Hold this Camel came to be when I was looking at a poetry prompt from the April poem a day challenge which said to … Continue reading