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Early Newsletter?

I’m not going to have a long, interesting blog today because in preparation for my writing retreat next week I’m actually working on my newsletter today. Early. What’s up with that? LoL

As promised I will be revealing the news about one of my super sekkrit projekts in this one. If you don’t subscribe don’t worry, I’ll tell you too…you just need to wait a couple days LOL

Because I wanted to offer something other than ‘Shh I’m trying to think here’* I’ve included a picture from this weekend. Danica was dressed a -little- bit country with a plaid button-up shirt and a huge cowboy hat, so I filtered it in post to emphasize her freckles and really make her look country. 🙂

*If you caught the Jaina Proudmore reference you rock. Just sayin’.

1k Words for the Day: Jo’s Bike

This is Jo’s bike. We store it in the same place as the lawnmower and when I moved it out of the way to get the mower the other day it got me thinking. Jo’s bike says a lot about him. A LOT. I don’t want to turn this blog into my ‘I talk all about Jo because he doesn’t even like privacy or anything’ place, but it did occur to me that my characters belongings (or one or two primary ones at least) are likely to say as much about them as this bike does about Jo. It’s one of those things that I’ve heard said (or implied) before and always just sort of nodded and smiled, but Jo’s bike really solidified it in my brain and made it real. I think I get it now. I’m looking forward to seeing how that understanding will play into the new first draft of Shadows I’ll be starting soon 🙂

Weekend Post? WTH?

It’s a weekend and I’m posting. Odd, eh? I know.

It’s about pictures. I am sort of looking for a new place to share them. I post some here, of course, but I also like to be able to share with my Twitter/Facebook/un-bloggy friends. I used to use Facebook for that but their privacy options, or lack of them, make me less inclined to do that than I once was. Does anyone have any great ideas? Is Flickr still sort of the standard place?

In the meantime, I posted a couple via TwitPic today, allow me to share them here for you.

I took this shot of the white lilac in my front yard on Friday morning.

Two more pics under the cut–

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1k Words For the Day: Frost Spears

I took this one in the late winter/early spring of this year. Jo and I are working on a project together and this is going to be one of the images for it. I love how the frost has just formed into this long spikey things that look quite scary but are really incredibly fragile.

p.s. Feeling much better today than I was yesterday 🙂 Thank you to everyone who commented or dropped me a line to empathize 🙂