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New Headshots

I haz headshots.

This is actually super remarkable because these days I don’t like being on that side of the camera, but since I’m being asked for author photos more and more often I sucked it up and got the pictures taken. I’d still rather be the photographer than the subject, but I now have two spiffy new pictures to choose from when someone asks me for an author photo.

Rhonda Parrish

I bought two headshots because I couldn’t decide between them. I thought I was being clever by getting both, but I’ve just realised that having both means instead of having to pick between them once, I now have to make that choice each time someone asks for an author photo. So… kinda outsmarted myself on that one, didn’t I?

Rhonda Parrish

Though, the more I look at them, the more I think I prefer the top one. Danica likes the bottom though so… maybe I’ll just flip a coin each time I need to send one out LoL

That’s not the only internal conflict that comes with these pictures though. When I got them done there were two options for purchasing — the fully airbrushed version, or the one I went with where only the background is re-touched (I dunno though, that background doesn’t seem to have any blemishes that need fixing that I can see LOL). It was not easy to pick the more natural photographs. Not easy at all. In the end I went with them though because while I may not like everything about how I look, well, it is how I look, so what’s the point in hiding from it?

Also? The un-retouched photos were less than half the price of the airbrushed ones. That may have had something to do with my decision too. Maybe.


Photographs by Cindy Gannon

T4T: Danica’s Eyes

I decided it was time that I set up a weekly recurring “thing” on this blog again. The problem is I struggle a little bit with consistency at the best of times so I didn’t want to constrain myself too tightly. For example, if I were sharing a photo a week, that would either begin to bore me after a while and I’d let it slip, or during a time when I wasn’t taking a lot of photos I’d have to use old content and that would bore you. That same basic idea applied to pretty much everything I could think of doing so I decided to keep things pretty open to avoid boredom while still forcing myself to post something on the same day every week. In the end I decided on:

Two for Tuesday

Starting today I’ll be posting two somethings each Tuesday. They could be anything. Two words, two pictures, two recipes, two quotes, two poems, two stories, two links — you get the idea.

It should be fun 🙂

I’m going to kick things off with two pictures. These are both images of Danica’s eye. I took the pictures within seconds of one another and then just processed them differently. They are some of of my favourit images (a’la moi) that I’ve done recently. If you like them, I invite you to pop over to my Flickr page to see more of my photographs, and if you use Flickr why not add me as a contact? I’ll be happy to return the favour 🙂

"Over There" photograph by Rhonda Parrish

"Danica's Eye" photograph by Rhonda Parrish



Hobbies. I haz ’em.

Like I mentioned in my ‘Branding‘ post, I am all about writing, gaming and crafting. My interest in each of these things waxes and wanes, but it never completely vanishes. I bet you know what I’m talking about. I’ll bet you’ve noticed it in your own hobbies and interests 🙂

I think my hobbies fall into two distinct categories, gaming and crafting.

When it comes to games I prefer RPG & story-based games. I don’t like first person shooters, and really, my favourites are the ones that don’t require me to have uber reflexes, hand/eye co-ordination or remember five million control combinations. Up until quite recently I was a pretty serious World of Warcraft addict, but I’m um, ‘in recovery’ for that now. I’m currently only raiding one day a week (a couple hours) and plan to drop even that when the new expansion comes out. It’s the people, not the game, that I play WoW for now. Nowadays I’m enjoying games that actually have endings, like Dragon Age: Origins (I’m on my second playthrough at the time of this writing). Sadly, I’m also still playing Sims 3 — whenever my tolerance for the never-freaking-ending bugs is high.

When it comes to crafting, I enjoy crocheting, quilting, cross stitching, fabric painting… Um, I think that’s it, these days. Like I say, it’s cyclical. Right now I’m crocheting a baby blanket for a friend, and once that’s done I have a mystery quilt to finish designing and sew, a picture of a loon I’m cross stitching for another friend, a quilt to “restore”, and did I mention my sister is expecting? She’ll need a baby blanket…

It never ends LOL But I love it.

I also love taking pictures. Don’t ask me any technical questions about focal length or anything like that because I won’t know. I know how to make my camera do what I want it to do, and when I need to, I know how to look up tutorials on the interwebz to learn new things, but I never retain the technical knowledge, just the practical stuff. All the pictures you see on this blog are by me (except in very, very rare instances when I note otherwise) and I think some of ’em are pretty good. I’m not shooting a lot right now, because most of my “spare time” and energy is being spent on crocheting at the moment, but eventually the tide will change and I’ll be all about photography.

How about you? What are your hobbies?

Do you know any awesome new games I ought to try out? I’m hungry for something new LOL We have an Xbox 360, Wii and PCs. To say I’m open to suggestions would be an understatement.

Have any fantastic craft projects you’ve finished that you’d like to show off? Link me, I’d love to pop by and admire your work.


This blog post is part of the Blogging from A to Z challenge over the month of April and was brought to you by the letter H. Please pop by tomorrow when I’ll be talking about Inspiration. I think. That’s the plan anyway 😉