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(Clicky Clicky if the pic no worky)

Have you ever wondered about the characters from WoW who steal so much of my time? Assuming the iframe works, the picture above is my main character, Obscenity. She doesn’t often look like this in game because she is a shadowpriest which means I go into shadowform to be all hurty and stuff…that leaves my silhouette but makes everything on me go all like blue-y purple-y. It’s tough to explain, but it’s pretty funky 🙂 When I’m healing with her she has different gear on, so looks different then too.

Also, I can’t seem to hide her helmet by default, like I do in game because it hides her purdy face. You can hide it if you click on the gear icon though.

Anyway, this is my main character.

I <3 her.

Just thought I’d share in case anyone cared 🙂