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October Newsletter

I just sent out the October newsletter a moment ago. This month it has a bit of my rambling (sorry) as well as a poem and a bit of flash from ‘back in the day’. I hope you enjoy it.

If you’re not subscribed and you’d like to be, check this out –> Newsletter

I plan to have a contest in November for all the people subscribed to my newsletter. The basic idea is that all subscribers will get to guess what day they think I will cross the 50,000 word finish line for NaNoWriMo and the winner will receive a prize. It should be fun 🙂 I’ll be mailing out the details and telling everyone how to join up in the next few days so if you want to play make sure and subscribe soon.


Newsletters and Irony

This morning I had the following conversation with Danica:

Me: What do you want to do this afternoon? I’d like to do something together because pretty soon you’re not going to want to hang out with me anymore.

Danica: Aw Mom, I will always love you.

Me: I know, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always want to hang out with me.

Danica: Of course I will, silly.

This afternoon I had this conversation with her:

Me: Danica, want to go out for lunch?

Danica: No thank you, I’m playing Warcraft with my new friends

Sometimes it sucks to be right :-p

In other news, I have a newsletter done and sent out. It spills the beans about two of my pseudo-secret projects. If you’re not subscribed you’ll have to wait until they become a bit more official to find out about them. If you want to subscribe so you don’t miss out next time, click here 🙂

Now I’m going to go wrestle Danica off the computer and make her come walk the dog with me. Sunlight and fresh air are good things.

July 2009 Newsletter

The newsletter is done. Yay! 🙂

I’ve just finished mailing it off, so if you are subscribed it will be in your inbox very soon. If you’re not subscribed you’re missing out on a fun flash story, a haiku and a lil surprise. If you don’t want to miss out next month you should sign up now.

/lame self-promotion

Sorry, I slip into salesperson mode every now and then. It’s annoying, but I really want people to subscribe and I don’t know how else to encourage that. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be back to vacation photos and no sales pitches 🙂

Funny Story…

Funny story.

Mondays I meet with Cindy and BD and we critique each other’s work. It’s awesome. Anyway, this Monday once the meeting was pretty much over and we were just packing up and getting ready to go I glanced down at my ipod and caught the date staring up at me from it.

“Oh crap!” I said.

BD started laughing right away but Cindy looked a bit puzzled.

“How’d it get to be the 15th already?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Got a newsletter you need to do?” BD asked, still laughing.

“Erm, that is…” I muttered before pointing out the window. “Look! Sparkly!”

Dani with a Sparkler
Dani with a Sparkler

Okay…I just made up the ‘Look sparkly’ part, but the rest was true. Here are a couple more pictures to distract you while I attempt to write a newsletter before it gets any more overdue.

Indiana hangingo out on the windowsill
Indiana hanging out on the windowsill
Indiana spots a bird
Indiana spots a bird

I <3 my camera. For now, back to work on the newsletter…

Lots of News

I have loads of news today. I like it when that happens.

Firstly, Sister Margaret is now available from Fictionwise. That means you can pick it up for less than two bucks. This makes me very happy. >> Sister Margaret on Fictionwise <<

Also, I finally sent out the newsletter for April. It’s late but I’ve often heard ‘better late than never’, so I’m not putting this in the loss column 😉

I’m guest blogging over at The World Can Wait about motivation today.

There is also a new review of Sister Margaret over at Imperfect Clarity today that says, in part:

Rhonda shows her ability as a true wordsmith in this story.  As a fledgling writer myself, while reading this piece, it was as though each word was carefully measured and painstakingly chosen because it was the exact word needed to make the story flow.

The choice of details and description within the story truly bring out the richness that she has wrought.

I think she’s being far too nice, LoL but how could I not adore being called a wordsmith? I do, I love it. I admit it. Even if I’m not sure it’s deserved LOL

Included with the review is a guest blog I wrote about inspiration. Mostly about the inspiration for Sister Margaret, but not exclusively.

I think that’s it for today.

Pretty exciting to be me this Tuesday, lemme tell you 😉

Exciting News

I have some pretty exciting news, but I’ve decided to wait and share it first on my newsletter (which comes out on the 15th). Does that make me bratty? I don’t mind if it does, I just thought I’d check 🙂 So if you haven’t signed up yet and you’re intrigued the url is here >> Rhonda’s Newsletter <<. Don’t forget that this month I’m giving away an Amazon gift certificate to one random subscriber.

In other news, that I’m willing to share today, I had a short prose poem published on Outshine today, which is a Twitter zine. Twitter is a very cool thing that I fail at remembering to update or read…but I think having a Twitter-based magazine is a very cool idea. I’m not sure how to link directly to my poem but Outshine’s twitter page is here.

As for the poem. I think under most circumstances I would have written it as a three line poem, but on Outshine you can’t have line breaks and they only publish prose poems. So does having it there and minus line breaks make it a prose poem? I don’ t know, you tell me.

Newsletter-y Goodness

In just a couple hours I will be sending out this month’s newsletter. I’m holding off because I just posted about this to one of my writing groups and a mailing list so I’m hoping a couple other people will meander over and join. It would be a shame for them to have to wait a month to get their first newsletter (or at least I think so). I’ll hit the ‘send’ button sometime before midnight though 🙂

If you haven’t signed up now is a good time. On my birthday (March 15th) I will be giving away a present. One lucky subscriber will win an Amazon gift certificate. Then, in April, I will be giving away a copy of my latest release — Sister Margaret.

I don’t have a huge amount of subscribers yet, so your odds of winning are pretty darn good. Sign up here if you haven’t already.


January Newsletter

I mailed out the January edition of my newsletter today. It included a poem I’d written about a visit to the Residential School museum, an excerpt from my current work-in-progress “Truth or Dare” (which has Michael and Charmaine in it — two characters who should be familliar to anyone who has read “Sister Margaret”) and a bit of flash fiction called “Accidental Discharge”.

If you want to make sure you get the next version of the newsletter and don’t miss out on whatever I share next month, you should click here to sign up.

If you’re already subscribed, thank you. I hope you enjoy the reading 🙂