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I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I spent most of it sleeping to try and head off whatever I was coming down with. It worked, I feel much better today, but I really couldn’t afford the time off. I was already falling behind on schoolwork and a metric craptonne of misc. tasks, and the day not doing them has resulted in my being even more swamped than usual.

One of those misc. tasks on my to-do list is a newsletter for this month. I don’t have time to think or be creative or anything like that, so my solution is to share chapter one of Lost and Found in the newsletter. I think it’s a win-win situation. It rewards my subscribers with an early peek (everyone else gets to see the first chapter on October 4th) and formatting that for the newsletter will take far less time than it usually takes me to put together. Yay!

The newsletter will be going out tonight, when I get back from my critiquing meeting 🙂

What Photos Have Taught Me…

This weekend we went to Fort Edmonton Park. We arrived on Saturday, stayed the night at the hotel there and then left on Sunday. A large motivation for the trip was just to have fun at the park as a family, but staying at the Selkirk Hotel was one of those things on my ‘Edmonton Bucket List’ (for lack of a better phrase) and I also wanted to turn it into a photo safari. The idea of being able to shoot things in the park without the crowds (between closing and opening) was too much to resist.

It was very nice. We had a lovely dinner and had fun hanging out with each other, meandering around the streets, petting horses and riding trains.

However, as a photo safari it did not meet my (ridiculously high) expectations. The problem wasn’t the setting, it was the photographer. That’s right, me.

I made a series of minor mistakes that piled up to mean several shots that could have been great were lost, or ruined, or just didn’t work. That being said, I’m still counting the trip as a success — even in regard to photography. Why? Well, because while I made a whack of mistakes, I also learned from them and I’m optimistic I won’t make them again — at least not in succession like I did this weekend.

I am still learning to apply that attitude toward my writing. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s true. While photography is a hobby that I am really enjoying right now, writing is my job, it’s what I do. Being a writer is who I am. So I put more pressure on myself for it than I do photography…but little by little I’m becoming more forgiving of my own imperfections, even in regard to writing.

I finished up a new chapter on Friday and within minutes sent it off to my critique group. That is not something I could have ever forced myself to do a year ago. No way. Now, granted, I sent it off that quickly because it’s part of Lost and Found which had deadlines of the looming kind and I wasn’t going to have time to let it set and revise before sending, but it’s still progress. And progress, often, is good.

So I’ll keep working on that, being forgiving toward myself and in the meantime I’ll share some of my Fort Edmonton photos here as I find time to process them because Arnold, at least, told me to keep sharing photos here and no one screamed ‘Oh God No!’

Sekkrit Projekt

So that’s it. That is the secret I’ve been very nearly bouncing in my seat about for the past little while. Lost and Found. First take a moment to admire that freaking awesome cover. Isn’t that fantastic? I commissioned that image from a very talented and super nice artist, Darek Zabrocki and I just love it. <3

So, yes. In case you’ve not guessed already, my plan is to share my novella, Lost and Found, chapter by chapter right here on my blog. Starting in September I will be posting a chapter every other week, then if there’s enough interest once we’ve posted the whole story  I’ll make a .pdf for people to download and read all at once. Know what else is super, super cool?

Bill Ratner.

Okay, so he’s a who, not a what, but Bill Ratner in all his super coolness offered to narrate the story so in addition to the text version, I can also offer an audio version — all completely free. How amazing is that? Um. Very.

This is a huge group effort. I’m providing the story, Darek the art, Jo added the text to the cover and Bill is lending us his voice and audio editing skills. I think it’s going to be fantastic.

I’ll post a blurb and all that good stuff later, for now I’m just going to be excited 🙂

*bounce bounce*