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Cover Reveal: Nevertheless

Nevertheless (Tesseracts Twenty-one) is a collection of optimistic speculative fiction stories, each optimistic in a slightly different way. These stories explore the optimism that drives us to seek out new worlds, that inspires us to sacrifice for others or fuels … Continue reading

Nevertheless Table of Contents

Greg Bechtel and I co-edited¬†Tesseracts Twenty-one¬†and our theme was optimistic speculative fiction. After working very hard for months to craft a call for submissions, put it out, read submissions, narrow them down, narrow them down further. Greg and I live … Continue reading

Corvidae Contributor Interview: Leslie Van Zwol

Over the coming weeks I’d like to share interviews that I (and Magnus) conducted with the contributors to Corvidae and Scarecrow. This week we’ll talk with Leslie Van Zwol. Leslie is only beginning to build up a publication history but … Continue reading

Corvidae Cover Reveal

Cover for CORVIDAE. Design by Eileen Wiedbrauk

I mean, I could have started this post with some text, maybe an explanation about what you were going to see but seriously? Were you going to notice? No. Because as soon as you looked at this page this cover … Continue reading

Corvidae Table of Contents

Magpie Model - Photograph taken by Rhonda Parrish

Proposed Table of Contents for CORVIDAE A Murder of Crows by Jane Yolen Whistles and Trills by Kat Otis The Valravn by Megan Fennell A Mischief of Seven by Leslie Van Zwol Visiting Hours by Michael S. Pack The Rookery … Continue reading


Leslie Van Zwol

This year I’m sharing some of my own winter holiday traditions on the blog, so I opened it up to anyone else who wanted to share too. My intention had been to post something special today because it’s Christmas Eve. … Continue reading