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ISSS 2015 Graduation Speech

This is my amazing husband. He is my best friend, biggest supporter and I love him more than I could ever tell you (or, than you’d want to hear about, really). He also teaches in the Biochemistry department here at … Continue reading

Giftmas Advent

Giftmas Eve - Photo by Rhonda Parrish

Some people purchase advent calendars to count down the days toward Christmas but for us Advent is an event, not an object. December 1st we set out 25 candles (usually on our fireplace mantel as you can see from the … Continue reading

Ten Years

Married for ten years, together for thirteen. Ridiculously happy. We must be doin’ something right. I love you Jo. Happy Anniversary! <3

Last Night

Last night I couldn’t sleep. This isn’t a rare occurrence, but it was one of the few times that I couldn’t sleep even after taking my prescription sleeping pill (and the melatonin I take each night). Laying in bed wide … Continue reading

About My Cover

Cover art for Waste Not (And Other Funny Zombie Stories) by Danica Parrish

This is me and my beautiful daughter, Danica: Photograph by Cindy Gannon And this is the cover for my latest title, Waste Not (And Other Funny Zombie Stories): It’s not exactly a typical zombie cover, is it? You can’t even … Continue reading

J is for Jo

This year I’m participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge again. I thought it might be fun to share some of my photography instead of always my words. They say a picture is worth–well, you know what they … Continue reading

Our Super Villain

A friend of mine, Michelle (who is the brains and the body behind Busy Weekends) asked people on her twitter feed if they wanted to do a fun project where they would create super heroes. I said I’d participate if … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Halloween to you, and Happy Anniversary to Jo and me 🙂 The picture there is the most recent one I have of Jo and I together. It was taken at the book signing for Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories … Continue reading

So this happened…

Me, to Jo: Hey, I have this idea for a short story that I think would be a great project for us to collaborate on. Jo: What’s that? Me: *Tells him idea* Jo: *adds to idea* Me: *adds more to … Continue reading

S: Staff

When I first started Niteblade I did everything but the .pdf layout which Jo did. It was a lot of work. A lot. Like far more than I’d expected going in. Still, I had have control issues so I sucked … Continue reading

Books. We Signed ’em.

Wednesday’s Edmonton book launch of Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories and Krista D. Ball’s book, What Kings Ate and Wizard’s Drank, was equal parts exciting, nerve-wracking and intimidating. It was the first time I’d ever signed books for strangers and … Continue reading